The Two Streams by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

1) He's showing us a rocky wall, The sides of the rocky wall are going down. It's raining and he saw that the raindrops are going in the river and blending 2) The stream that has resources to give, The edge of the river is made of pebbles, In a town in Albert Canada, The mountain edge is split. 3) The really slim stream moved slowly, The stone stayed and didn't move, The ocean looks good in the evening in Oregon. 4)Will is a tall mountain, The stream is going a long way, Just like we do in life,The place bends. 5) Cradle has some bending sides, He comes from a dark place, He thinks if he goes to the sea he's worry free.

The thing that Stood out to me the most in this poem was, He uses a lot of imagery because he describes every stream and every mountain in such great description I can picture what he is saying in my head. His poem is very sincere and reflective.


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