Weekly Digital Update Week of Dec 19

Happy Holidays!

Unless you are a Jays fan. If you didn't hear, our friend Edwin is moving to sunny Cleveland, Ohio for the next 3 seasons. I think we will all miss his famous home-run stance.

Last week, we took a trip down memory lane and highlighted 5 ways we played bigger in digital in 2016. Now that you remember all of the great things that happened in 2016 are you sad to see it leave? Good news for you: 2016 is 1-second longer this year. Not kidding.

Says Who?

The IERS (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service - duh). In case you didn't know, their job is to standardize the world’s clocks. V important.

Remember how everyone thought the world would end on NYE in '99 as we entered the new Millennium? Well this time, the 61-second minute could cause some major computer chaos. Don't worry, Google is on the case. Wondering what to do with that extra 1-second? We got you.

The Good News Continues

When you saw all of the great things we did in 2016, did you want to shout it from the rooftops? Send it to your clients? Well, Christmas came early for you. Here is a client-facing "Best of 2016" .

Since it's the holidays, let's keep it light this week. We'll let you sneak a peek at a couple big names on the naughty list, and then wrap it up with some "Best of 2016" lists.

Are YOU on the "Nice" list?

WPP isn't. Neither is Omnicom, Publicis, or IPG.

Did they get coal?

Even worse. They woke up earlier this week to a subpoena from the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division.

What did they do?

That's TBD, but they are being investigated as part of an ongoing investigation of video production and post-production practices (aka price fixing). Basically, they are investigating whether agencies mis-lead production and post-production companies about the rates they will use for a bid. Their ultimate goal? Get more revenue for the agencies' parent companies.

Those 4 agencies are the largest hold companies by revenue, so the DOJ is not messing around.

Check out Wall Street Journal and AdWeek for more deets.

Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice

Facebook is crossing 1 thing off their list this year: fake news. Last Thursday, FB released an official statement to announce their news feed updates to address the issue of fake news and hoaxes are starting to be rolled out. Let's see how that goes.

One thing they aren't crossing off? Consistently providing marketers with accurate data.

What do you mean?

Well, thanks to our friends at comScore, Facebook realized they were undervaluing iPhone audiences on certain posts by Instant Articles publishers. It's the fourth time since September that they have owned up to providing marketers with inaccurate data. It's not as bad as their other announcements, but yikes. Better luck in 2017.

I'll Skip the Figgy Pudding

One word: inspiring. Phelps basically won the Olympics, and his Rule Yourself with Under Armour was one of the most shared Olympic spots ever. Let's wrap up this week with some other good 2016 "Best Ofs"

Well, that's a wrap! Enjoy the time with friends and family, and if you are looking for some Christmas carols to get you in the spirit, here you go.

You know what else was new this year? This weekly update. Did you like it? Any suggestions? Drop us a line.

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