My Birthday at Disney (Turning 31 didn't suck.)

I was very happy to learn that my husband made plans take me to Disney for my 31st birthday this year. We go to the parks a lot since we became Annual Passholders but knowing I was going to spend a day there that was all about ME was pretty exciting. We got to see family, go on all of our favorite rides, I handed out some homemade Disney decals to random people in the park and we ate a bunch of fun food. Best of all I FINALLY brought my good camera with me and made time to take some quality photos of the place I love.

The entrance and Main Street were phenomenal as usual. Every detail was perfect.
Going early in the morning was best! The crowds were much thinner and I was able to get some shots of the castle that were almost entirely uninterrupted by other guests. I am so happy they've restored and reopened Snow White's wishing well. My husband and I made our wishes and I snapped some pics.
The most simple, beautiful ride in Fantasyland. A true all-ages ride.
Día de los Muertos display in front of Rancho del Zocalo
The Haunted Mansion Holiday was AMAZING!! We were only able to ride it once though due to the volume of people in the park this trip. That gingerbread smell was worth it. I love love love Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • While I'm thinking of it, we used the MaxPass for the first time while on our trip and it was not great. I can see the appeal but we had a terrible experience with it. For one, the WiFi at Disneyland sucks, and that's just the truth. I don't blame Disney, it is just crazy awful service and for MaxPass to work you need the app. Once we got it to work and sign in (no joke it took 20 mins) we selected our first fastpass and the ride was down. So we deleted the option and selected a different ride. It was great not to have to go to the fastpast distribution area and it saved us some time. However, the park was busy...like Christmas time busy (direct quote from cast member on the crowd). So later we arrived at Space Mountain to use our MaxPass and the ride was down. The cast member told me that the app would update the fast pass to an experience pass to use on any ride. It didn't. And I was unable to use Maxpass the rest for the day because by that point (1pm) all fastpasses were done. It was THAT busy. So basically it was a waste of $20. But lesson learned. We still had an amazing time.
New Orleans Square is the place I like to spend 80% of my time at while in Disney. Also, I may have consumed my weight in beignets.
Adventureland was a MUST.....also I snapped a pretty good pic of "The Redhead" while on Pirates.
I really am just a huge kid at heart and this trip made me so happy. I can't wait to go back.

I have decided I am never going to be a great videographer, but I did get a nice little video that has some fun parts of our trip.

I had a fantastic birthday and i am re-energized!!

I hope you enjoyed this extremely long and photo filled blog post about my birthday. It is the end of September and I have so many exciting things planned for October that I can't wait to share with you. I will be sending more detailed info to subscribers so make sure you sign up ASAP! You don't want to miss it.


Robyn Martinez of Eventful Magic

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