About Me Sarah Chase

My name is Sarah Chase. I was born and raised in Lutherville, Maryland, but my family later relocated to Monument, Colorado, which is where that first picture was taken (above). My family members have, for the past 8 years or so, never lived in the same state, though my brother recently joined my parents in Colorado. Besides Maryland, I've lived in Seoul, South Korea, Colorado, and Virginia, but I've made trips to several other countries for anywhere from 10 days to 3 months every couple years since I was eleven.

I completed my K-12 education in Baltimore County Public Schools with a brief stint in homeschooling for the purpose of exploring music as a career, ultimately deciding that it wasn't for me and returning to public schools. I later earned my undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Maryland in 2014, and I am currently working on my Master's in Education with licensure in secondary chemistry. Having always held an interest in teaching and education in general, I'm hoping to teach after graduation and later pursue a Ph.D. in Education.

As far as why I am pursuing education, it was a bit of a journey. I started my undergraduate education thinking, like many science majors, that I would attend medical school upon graduating. Teaching was always more of a hobby for me, not a viable option for a career (for a variety of reasons including some related to culture, family expectations, and societal views on the teaching profession). I sort of fell into it after being asked to teach violin and piano one-on-one. I was trained at the Peabody Preparatory (Peabody Conservatory for kids), and to a few moms in the neighborhood, a second-hand conservatory music education was all well and good for their kids. In college, I ended up coaching calculus in a setting that encouraged group work and a team approach to problem-solving. Later, I taught English in China and South Korea, both in settings that facilitated smaller groups. It was in China that I learned to strip away all of my external reasons for pursuing medical school and discovered a passion for teaching that involves figuring out how people think, orienting the subject material in a manner that will match, and tying them together. Following this discovery, I explored academy teaching styles in Korea for a year and homeschool teaching styles in Colorado for another year. This brings me to the present where I am preparing to explore public school teaching in America.

Some things that bug me are eating sounds, sunburn, and the question "What are you?" Some important things in my life are delicious food, sunscreen, and my family and friends. I consider relationships to be one of the most valuable things that anyone can have, and I bring this value to my teaching philosophy of individualized education built on relationships.

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