UK cinema is GO! Here's how Omnex is going to help get you back into business…

Our service contracts are more affordable, with pay-monthly plans from just £59.

In a nutshell? Our pay-monthly service plans are now more affordable than previous annual service contracts and — for plans that don't already include 24/7 callouts — we've made our callout fees cheaper.

Our pay-monthly plans mean you don't need to pay in full and up front on your service contracts — a benefit we hope will help you get ready to re-open. And whether you choose to pay monthly or not, the annual cost is the same — there's no penalty for improving your cashflow.

Monthly plans start at £59.

We're aiming to save you money, improve cashflow and keep you plugged in. How? We've reduced our callout fees and, from May, our service contracts are more affordable, with pay-monthly plans now available.

Sign up to any of our monthly plans and the following are included:

Fully trained and qualified engineers

Remote intervention and support; 8am - 10pm, 7-days a week

Unlimited remote support

Annual projector service

Annual audio calibration (including ATMOS calibration)

Software updates

What does Omnex offer to cinemas?

The UK’s largest dedicated cinema Engineering Team

Fully-trained to install and service equipment from leading suppliers

Geographically spread to be within easy reach of your site

Remote intervention and telephone support from 8am til 10pm 7-days per week

What's in our service plans?

Post-VPF, you're free to choose your service provider.

Those under the original VPF were tied to using a specific service partner — the end of VPF deals means you are now free to choose your service provider. At Omnex, we are confident that we are able to offer a highly skilled engineering team at the sector’s best-value prices.

If your original equipment was provided via a VPF deal, certain equipment fell under a maintenance plan. By moving to, or continuing with, a service plan with Omnex, your registered equipment remains under warranty.

Who does Omnex work with?

Want to know more about our new monthly service plans?

Contact Simon Tandy directly on 07825 642401 or via simon@omnex.co.uk

To speak with the Omnex office, it's 0161 477 7633 or email info@omnex.co.uk

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