Transforming America The NEW Deal Programs

After reading primary and secondary sources on Depression Era economic policy , write a long essay in which you discuss the extent to which the New Deal changed the role of government in the United States and evaluate the impact of that change on society. Support your position with evidence from the text/s.

Now it is time to work on your Anticipatory Guides

Social Security

Social Security Cards...

Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt

Now, lets read about some of the 10 New Deal Programs....

Annotate on paper...make a 3 star column where you put info that will help you answer the overall question.

Let's discuss what you read, and what info you found to answer the essential question.

Now to complete your research, find 2 more articles to help back up your answer to the essential question/task. Remember to document/annotate the info that you found. Create a page for citations.

Let's discuss what evidence you guys found while reading/researching.

Before we write, let's complete a 4-Square Activity to help us prepare to write.

Last step, using the APUSH Rubric for the long essay, write an essay to back up your stance on the New Deal Programs and the help people received after the Great Depression.


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