Welcome to the Year 2 Art and Design End of year show. At the end of the year the student choose their own specialist area to produce project work and write their own brief for the Final Major Project. This includes subjects such as Graphic Marketing, Illustration, Fine Art, Concept Art, Surface Pattern and Textiles.

We are very proud of the commitment and motivation our students have displayed throughout the final months of their course.

Emily Farrell

I have always had an interest in model making especially in the form of dolls. Being inspired by Dollightful and Lavendertowne, I have been practicing my model making skills for about 7 years.

I wanted to include these skills in my Final Major Project, so I set out to designing characters that were based in a fantasy world, such as witches, elves, pixies and fairies.

My pieces are created by taking parts of existing dolls like the whole body or even just the head. These are then built up with wire and wadding to create an armature.

From this I make my own costumes and embellish the characters to try to show their personality.

Following the Art and Design course, I am staying at the college go on to the Foundation Pre-egree course so that I can build my skills further. In the future I would like to continue model making by either studying at University or setting up my own model making company.

Olivia Wharton - Special recognition for outstanding design development

Going into this project I had a few ideas and when I decided to settle on video games, I already had a vague idea of what I would go for, theme wise at least. They are something I enjoy playing and also enjoy watching others play no matter the theme or genre, though most of the time, horror related games catch my attention a bit more.

I wanted to design and create a new video game with an interesting story line combining the thought of innocence and my interest in horror-based characters.

That “innocence” referring to the fact that the main playable character is a child’s stuffed bear that befriends a fallen star which has a few magical abilities, that itself sounds like something a child would think up with their imagination. From a few of the pieces I created it shows off bits of how some of the beginning scenes to the game would play out. It starts off calm and seemingly innocent until terrible events start to play out, and the tone of the game shifts to a much creepier and darker tone.

As I’ve already mentioned I was inspired by existing horror games, I’m not sure what it is exactly that I enjoy about adorable happy themes mixing with horrific ones, but I tried my best to create that sort of feeling and mood with my own game. I suppose its intriguing and these types of games make you want to keep playing to find out why everything is going horribly wrong to uncover some hidden mystery.

Next year I will be progressing onto the Foundation Pre-Degree course at college. I’m sure I’ll pick up even more new techniques that I can apply to my work and combine with previously learnt skills. I may be unsure of future careers at the moment but drawing/illustrating is something that I enjoy and I’ve enjoyed working on this and previous projects throughout my course.

Alicia Haworth

In this project I wanted to achieve a series of final pieces that showcase the importance and acceptance of the LGBT community. These illustrations would perhaps be showcased in educational environments or public spaces to make LGBT people more comfortable in the general community. I have a strong interest in the community and equality. I love the welcoming atmosphere it gives off and how it shows real acceptance.

I found out that the community has grown so much over the years and I decided that there should be more illustrations to show it. I wanted my pieces to represent the pride the community holds and how you can find yourself within it.

Throughout the Level 3 Art and Design course I have grown so much as a person and an artist. My work and the way I draw has improved. I have the confidence to experiment with new medias and even if they don’t turn out the greatest, I know that’s still development. I have really enjoyed the course, it has been the best 2 years of my life, this is down to the amazing classmates I have, the skills I’ve learnt and the tutors for being so kind and eye opening.

In the future I hope to make my tutors proud by one day becoming a tutor in the creative field myself, to inspire young people as they did me.

Brentley Thomas

I have a strong interest in Architecture and 3D Design, as I enjoy both designing and model making. I decided through my project, I wanted to create a series of colourful houses to represent what architecture could look like in 100 years' time.

I started by researching how homes have changed over the past 100 years to try and predict what they will look like in the future, as well as other places around the world such as, China, Amsterdam and Russia to take inspiration from how they use colour.

Throughout my course I believe that my skills have improved over the last two years and I have found out that I enjoy creating 3D pieces of work. I have created a range of work from children’s toys, coil pots and architectural pieces.

Next year I am staying at Wigan and Leigh College to do the Foundation Pre-Degree course before deciding on a University course.

Heather Barnes

In my final major project, I chose to focus on bullying because it is an important topic and one, I feel strong about. Throughout my project I wanted to create a campaign which focused on the impact of bullying. This could then be taken into schools and colleges to raise awareness of bullying.

I started to research news articles to gather people's experiences and how that made them feel and started to research the different aspects of bullying, that I could potential use later on.

The main thing that interested me was how it affected peoples mental state and how words people said, affect them. I enjoyed discovering new artist and enjoyed Mel Caspits because of his bold, flat colour and I wanted to incorporate that into my work.

My pieces are multiple posters to raise awareness that bullying is a real issue, that many teens etc go through, especially in school, bullying can make people have low self-esteem and can cause mental health issues.

Throughout the course I have learnt to use different media and develop my work further, as I go through the project. I have learnt a variety of new skills in different subjects and I have enjoyed going out of my comfort zone in some areas and creating different projects.

Next year I am coming back to the college to complete the Foundation Pre-Degree course and then potentially go onto University.

Amber Thompson

I have a strong interest in illustration and self-love. This theme plays a big part in most of my work, as I find it is hard for some people to love themselves. Throughout my project I have wanted to show some of the effects of self-love and try to empower women to know their imperfections are perfect.

I started by researching some of my favourite artists who work on similar themes. I found out that a lot of women feel like they aren't pretty or beautiful because the world shows our imperfections as something to be ashamed of. In project I wanted to show that they are something to be proud of and should show them off. I wanted my work and pieces to represent that women should embrace their imperfections and be confident in who they are, what they look like and learn to love themselves.

Throughout this course I have learnt new skills that I will take with me. This course has also taught me to be confident in my work and my own decisions.

I have really enjoyed these past two years meeting these wonderful people. Being able to travel and see new places, the opportunities have been amazing, and I will take them through my life.

After college I and doing an illustration course at UCLAN and hope to progress my learning further.

Emily Beaumont - Student of the Year 2019

I have an interest in how the human body works and looks, so this became my starting point. Throughout my project I wanted to play to my strengths in Fine Art, but to also challenge myself.

I firstly looked at the human body, and artists who specialised in anatomy. Later, I looked at mandalas and flowers, these are calming to the human mind. Mandalas are spiritual and ritual symbols in some religions and humans have always had a close relationship to flowers, we tend to them and admire them, like giving them as gifts. I find them beautiful and I found connections between them, the body and mind.

I wanted my pieces to represent the beauty within the human body. No one really thinks about what's going on inside, our organs work, day and night, to keep us alive but we don't blink an eye.

I have grown so much throughout the Art and Design course, both artistically and personally. I have learnt new skills and made lifelong friendships and thoroughly enjoyed every moment while being on this course. I enjoyed each project; time just flies by when you're having fun. It feels like yesterday that I had my first day.

My tutors are remarkable, they pushed me to be my best and they've always had faith in me. In the future, I hope to have a career in art, doing what I love for a living. ❤

Bethanie Turner

In this project I wanted to look in to event planning, advertising and branding for companies. I decided to work with the Wonders of the World and a fictional company called 'Westford Brooks'. This company was the organiser for the 'package holiday' let's say. I wanted to produce a set of posters that would be clear to the viewer, include colour and with the media of paint.

I wanted my pieces to represent a fun and adventurous holiday, so that it would entice viewers to visit those wonders as well as keeping the brand cohesive, so it was easily recognisable as one company.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, as it’s given me new opportunities and skills, as well as whole lot of new friendships, that I hope to keep in the future, that being with classmates and my tutors.

In my future, I hope to be working as an interior designer or pursue events branding, advertising and organisation. Next year, I’m going into the Foundation Pre-Degree course, held by the college, I am then hoping to go onto university, with the hopes of doing my dream course.

Katie Waddington

I really enjoy making mixed media pieces by using a mix of textiles and fine art techniques. Because of my keen interest in these areas I decided to combine my skills and knowledge to make beautiful surface patterns designs to be used on a range of products.

I started off by researching the colour and how colour can be used and portrayed through art. I also thought about my own opinion of the colours and how they make me feel, so I could create designs more personal to me. When doing this research, I found that the colours can be used and perceived differently, depending on the person viewing the piece. I decided to stick to warm colours as I wanted to create emotional, colourful and vibrant pieces of work.

My pieces are a series of surface patterns to create a range of products that could be used within a home setting, such as decorative pieces and products.

During my time as an art and design student I have achieved many things. My confidence and skills have grown massively by gaining experience in new areas such as textiles and 3D.

I have grown a lot as an artist and I have an all-round better understanding of art itself. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have been able to take part in activities in and out of the workspace, I have met some amazing and supportive tutors, and the most importantly I have been pushed on to do the best I can.

As a result of this I am now looking into different careers within art and I plan on progress onto the Foundation Pre-Degree course at the college, to help me build up my skills and confidence even more.

Kelly-Marie Talbot

I really enjoy creating characters and have been exploring animation as a media for some time now. I appreciate the way you can create something into life, rather than it be on pieces of paper and I wanted to explore this further.

I started by looking into the meaning of different colours and decided to try to convey the traits of these colours in to my characters to show their personality.

I have really enjoyed making these characters come to life and feel I have captured their different personalities. In the future I would like to do commissions and drawings for my career, and perhaps animations on the side.

Chloe Clark

I have a strong interest in textiles and fantasy plays a big part in my art style, so this was my starting point to my project. I knew that I wanted to create something within a fantasy world but use objects that are around me. I started researching into psychedelic fantasy as I like the colours and mind set of the psychedelic art movement. I also found that most of the artists produced art in a creative way and saw things for what they could be, not what they are. I then went on drawing random things from around my house turning them into colourful, fantasy pieces.

My favourite bit about textiles is the freedom that you can create pieces using a wide variety of media from fabric to cotton, to paint and paper.

My pieces are a representation of the creativity that can be made from the collection of found objects around the home, which most would discard.

Throughout my course I feel that my skills have grown, and I have found my desire to become a textiles-based artist has become a lot stronger.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wigan and Leigh college learning about the textile's world of art.

Learning new techniques within textiles has allowed me to create some extraordinary pieces, from wall hangings to dresses and I have found things could be thrown away could also be used creatively as a piece of art.

In the future I would love to help people who are in the same place that I was when I started art and teach them all the amazing things that I have learned. My biggest goal in life is to be happy and create amazing pieces of art that inspire people around me.

Next year I am going to study a BA Hons in Textiles at Bolton University.

Keeley Vincent - Winner of the Thomas Hilton Award for Art and Design

Throughout the project I looked more into the pressures of public figures, celebrities, plastic surgery, Facebook, Instagram and the images that are perceived as perfection. However, the effect this can have on people could lead to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. I took some questionnaires on how people felt about this and generated a word bank from these, such as poison, control, compact, trapped, bound and knotted.

I wanted my pieces to represent the mood, emotion and struggle some people may feel with these surrounding ideologies, almost wanting to break free, but bound by the convention of society.

Before I completed this project, I deleted my own social profile and came off social media platforms.

My project represents that at some point we may be consumed by these pressures, in some cases, we may even fuel ourselves. It can surround us through technology, places we visit, what we buy, eat and drink, peers, society and the media.

What could be the impact on mental health if we all just took a break?

I have loved every second of being on the Art and Design course as I’ve felt so comfortable around my tutors and my friends, everyone is so positive towards each other.

My skills throughout course have grown so much, at the start of the course I was not very confident in talking about my work, now I am much better. My art skills have grown so much since starting, I have really grown to love digital work, but my love for traditional drawing has never gone.

Next year I am staying at Wigan and Leigh to complete the Creative Industries BA Hons specialising in Graphic Design.

Tyler Rustage-Towers

I have a strong interest in the way the human world works, and the way the universe works, and this project has been a fantastic opportunity to do that. Throughout my project I wanted to create a sketchbook full of research on different subjects that may seem unrelated at first but hopefully by the end will be more sensical. I started by exploring the basics of what makes up our ways of life, researching morality, ethics, society and politics, looking into my views and opinions on them while also adding non bias research.

After researching the ‘basics’ of human life, I researched more into consciousness, psychoactive substances and the queries of life and what it really means to ‘exist’. I found out during this project that not only am I a solipsist, but also realise that there is much more than we realise, and that what we know and think of as important in everyday life, means nothing on an intergalactic level, and that we should spend more time embracing being aware of our conscious, and spend more time understanding how we work.

My final pieces are watercolour based. They consist of the scary, critical, political world we live in, in comparison to the rest of the universe and the mind, and I wanted my pieces to represent the fact that I don’t understand how people can live so peacefully doing everyday tasks, such as going to work for years, or building a family with children to continue doing exactly what the previous generation did.

I made these pieces to show that people should take a minute to actually realise that we aren’t alive for long, and instead of wasting it on such irrelevant things, we could spend it being peaceful and exploring the mind and the universe.