Figurative Language By: Lexi Mozingo

Simile - Comparing two things using like or as.

Example - It was cold as an ice cube out side.

Metaphor - an unexpected comparison of two unlike things without using like or as.

Example - Life is a journey so chose yours wisely.

This is my Poster for a metaphor.

Personification - Human characteristics to something nonhuman.

Example - A pack of coyotes were singing in the moonlight.

Hyperbole - an extreme exaggeration

Example - There was a million dogs at the park

Onomatopoeia - a sound

Example - We herd a big Boom in the woods.

Allusion - A sentence that includes somethings almost everybody knows.

Example - Your backyard is a Garden of Eden.

Idiom - a phrase is a Idiom.

Example - She was so sad that she wept a flood of tears.

Alliteration - The same letter or sound at the beginning

Example - Tic - Tacs are good.


Created with images by Cristiana Bardeanu - "Snow" • Trekking Rinjani - "Climbing Journal Mount Rinjani package" • Tomas Caspers - "coyote"

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