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JUNE 2017

Asian Crosstalk: India and China tensions



Earlier this week a dispute erupted over Indian troops crossing into Chinese territory. Perhaps, it’s a sign Sino-India tensions will flare up even more as both sides fight for greater influence in Asia.

NY Times


Beijing released a complaint against India on Monday, just as Mr. Modi walked into a meeting in Washington with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. On Tuesday, Global Times, a state-run nationalist tabloid, warned India to back down in a harshly worded editorial, saying that its “capacity is nowhere near China’s, and the so-called strategic support from the United States is empty, too, so it won’t be of any help when it is needed.”



As China encircles India with its Belt and Road initiative (BRI) — the 2013 rebranding of a longer-standing project to put China at the heart of a new pan-Eurasian economic order — India has a continent-crossing plan of its own.

Global Times


Attention should be paid to several aspects of the strategic communications between China and India. One is not revisiting old issues or disputes on which both have reached consensus already. Additionally, both sides should not be required to immediately form specific consensuses after high-level talks.


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