central idea

Dance helps us express our creativity and appreciate the different culture around the world.


  • Forms of dances
  • How We Express Ourselves through dance
  • Dance is a reflection of history and culture


Kala Ghoda Reflection

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Tuning In activity



These are my 3 interests. I chose dance as one of the ways to express myself because I can express myself through it. My favourite dance form is Hip Hop, because the music I use to dance on it is fast and the way it is been performed, I feel that dance expresses my feelings. And now I am in my group, that is called 'The Dance Rebels'


We had a Town Hall meeting where we saw different videos of people expressing themselves through their interests. We saw two videos:- Colours of reality & Danny macaskill all around the world 2014

Danny macaskill

From the video 'Colours of Reality' was to show that people can express themselves through expressions. From the video 'Danny macaskill all around the world 2014' was motivating and inspirational.

Essential Agreements
Mentor Meeting

The Mentor meeting might have been fun, we really liked our mentors and they gave us a question:- What does Dance mean to you? Our mentors are really helping us. I really like them!

  • I feel that my group is really good they like dance, they have a huge interest in it. I think they will work really well because at this moment we are doing really well.
  • I want to know all the lines of inquiry and the history of dance.
  • I am looking forward to present my first LOI.

My Exit Ticket

I used to think that we won't do any sort of activities like this, but this exhibition has changed my thoughts.

week 3


Week 4

Exhibition Work Recounter


Thinking skills

Thinking skills reflection

  • Acquisition of Knowledge - I learned new words during my research of Ballet and Zumba. I have discovered many other words, some I knew and some I didn't.
  • Comprehension - I summarized information about the research I did during the spring break. I even summarized a bit of the Central Idea.
  • Application - I explored many options when I was helping my group make the LOI and the Central Idea.
  • Analysis - I found relevant (important) and irrelevant information and some words about the research.

week 5

Learner profile reflection

  • I think that today I wasn't a good communicator because I didn't participate well in some of the discussions we had. I am going to do better tomorrow!
  • I think today, our group was very knowledgeable because we had made good decisions on what work we are supposed to do, but then also we did change on some.
  • We have researched on:-
  • Forms of Dances, where it comes from.
  • History of Dance for the LOI 3
  • We have almost researched for our LOIs

Research Skills Reflection

  • Formulating Questions - I identified the main idea and the key words while my research for the LOI 1
  • Observing - I listened to some of the experience our mentors gave us of their dancing, and some answers to the questions.
  • Planning - I used a timetable to plan my research for the LOI 1 and I even planned for the books for my research
  • Collecting Data - I used the internet to find the definition of the dance forms and I used books to learn the steps for my dance, so I can give them an example.
  • Recording Data - I wrote bibliography for all the research I have done.
  • Organizing Data - I made observations about and conclusions about the presentation we did for the LOI 1.

week 6

Black Hat Reflection

week 7

week 8

Reflection on Making Conclusions
Reflection - Taking Action


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