For every company I facilitate leadership training, I hear the same things, " our employees need to be motivated to perform. Our company needs better communication. Our teams need to work better." Blah, Blah, and Blah. For most organizations, communication, performance, or teamwork is not the root of the problem, but instead, symptoms of the root problem.

If you want the cure to your communication, performance, and teamwork issues in your workplace, congratulations, it is an easy, but painful fix. To ensure the remedy is effective, there are four essential requirements: time, commitment, patience, and consistency. I promise you if you are willing to use the recommended treatment early and often, your employees will be more engaging, more productive, and happier.


Every day, make time for your teammates, which will build trust in your team. Trust is the one thing that can change everything. If you are experiencing problems in the areas of communication, performance, or teamwork, you must be willing to examine your trust levels within the team. Trust is the anchor for communication, collaboration, and engagement. It is not about only doing your job, but instead, how do you feel when you are doing your job.

Remember, there are four essential elements to building trust: there are: time, commitment, patience, and consistency.

ou can build trust for five years, but it can be diminished in five minutes. You need the four elements to help establish genuine and authentic trust. Utilizing the four elements will help you make intentional deposits in the trust buckets of the people you are serving. Those deposits will look different to each person you serve due to the uniqueness each teammate possesses. If you commit to building trust in your teams, your team will help develop trust toward you.


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