Global warming The ways it affects living things.

  • The consequences of changing weather are extreme on waterfowl. Floods caused by global warming are also a problem. The floods are affecting the hunters when the ducks don't show up for duck season. If the climate keeps changing then it will affect a pothole where 60% of north America's ducks inhabit. This could lead to 9-69 percent decrease in duck breeding. Global warming is a gradual increase in earths temperature that can also cause floods and increase water level. Wetlands, ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes are all habitats of waterfowl that can be flooded by global warming and kill off waterfowl as a result of the floods. Global Warming changes all kinds of waterfowl habitats, food sources, and migration patterns. Waterfowls often use flyways as habitats but global warming could effect the following habitats, Pacific flyway, central flyway, Mississippi flyway, Atlantic flyway. If global warming continues then the waterfowl could be endangered and possibly extinct. Since global warming is ruining waterfowl habitats including flyways, rivers, lakes, and streams. Global Warming can cause waterfowl like ducks and geese's to change behavior but i don't believe that global warming will endangered or extinct because global warming does not actually occur very often so i believe that most waterfowls will lead happy healthy lifes.

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