Kazyon TVC by Ahmed Alaa eldeeb

Overall Reference

copy 1

We start each copy with the two ladies standing in a side of our frame, where they show the grocery shopping of competitors and the we see them going along entering the other side of the split screen where they show the grocery shopping of Kazyon.

We then start having for each sequence separate split screens that tell the story like for example: "تعب المشوار" sequence we will have a shot where the lady is standing in the street, we see car smoke and chaos all over the place, we split to see another shot where she's trying to get on to the bus, we split to see a final shot where she's squeezed inside of this bus.

For the sequence of "لف طول النهار" we will see the lady going into a grocery shop, we will split to see her coming out of another grocery shop, we finally split to see her taking her breath on a chair that looks like a metro station stop chair and we see her very tired.

The sequence of "غلو الاسعار" here we will see the lady going along and looking at the shelves, she sees a product, then looks at the price and gives a surprised facial expression and goes to put it back on the shelf, we split to see the pricing screen at the cashier at the very end, and we split to see her fighting with the cashier guy of how expensive the total cheque is.

copy 2

In the second copy we will start the same way we did with the first copy, having the two ladies standing in part of the split screen in front of a dinning table with food and then they step into the other split screen that has the same dining room.

For the first sequence of "خناقة المصروف" we will see the husband putting a small amount of money on a counter of the bedroom, we split to see him sneaking out of the bedroom and leaving the house quickly, we split to see the wife over the phone with her husband, fighting over the small amount of money he left her.

The sequence of "حوجة الفلوس" we will see the delivery guy on the door delivering the grocery shopping for the wife, we split to see her checking the receipt, that looks way to high than she has expected, we split to see her getting money out of the envelope that has "جمعية" written on it.

The last sequence of "احراج قدام الضيوف" we will see the couple fighting over the dinning table in front of the guests, we split to see a wide shot of the dinning table, the food and the guests, and finally we split to see two other couples whispering in embarrassment of what they are seeing.

Food Styling Reference
Character & Costumes Reference

For the cast I believe it will be more powerful if we characterized the copies according to our main hero; meaning that each copy will be concerned about for example "Bakiza's concerns", this will be shown from the title of the copy and also from the script that will mention this as well. I think this will make the copies more relatable and easy to memorize from the heroes names.

Thank you
Created By
Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

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