Hugo Chavez by austin paparo

Hugo Chavez is the former president of Venezuela. He is tied with the Power and Authority theme of world history. He started just as a normal man joining the army in his country. He was influenced by Simon Bolivar, the liberator, as many know him by. He became a second lieutenant in the military and was very successful within. He had an interest with politics since a young age after a project for a politician. He then joined a movement to change the way the political ways were. He was jailed and released two years later. He then joined with others to form a new party in government. He was able to oversee a drafting of the new Venezuelan constitution and ended his term as president with an overall 80% approval rating in the country.

Hugo Chavez once said, "Mutual respect! That's what it takes to be friends!" This quote shows that he saw many views of people, He aspired to make friends and respect all people, He was once in the working class and is now at the top. He was only able to do that through respect and making friends along the way.

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Austin Paparo

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