The Syrian Revolution By:Kameron Johnson

Incubation Stage

Incubation stage:The country is destroyed until the war is over and maybe longer depending on how long it takes to rebuild.The country's government will haft to work on changing things if the citizens get a democracy like they want.

Symptomatic Phase

Symptomatic Stage:People are dying daily, People leaving, civil wars starting up.The idea of war is starting to take effect because people or the government start to get testy and Add on to the tension that's already there.This is what causes the war to break out in the first place.

Crisis Phase

Crisis Phase:Citizens coming back for health care, or to help rebel.Other countries coming to help fight the war for the refugees.It's the peak of the war when something bid happens and a big battle breaks out or someone gets bombed, or maybe both sides attempt to end it and take full control of the area and they run into each other.

Covalance Stage

Covalence Stage:People lost homes and cities, people died, had to fight their own war, not a lot of food, health care,government changes,country leader replacement.The war is over more than likely and the ruins from the war are what was left behind.The rebuilding process could take years so the citizens are still in a bad situation either way because they've got nowhere to go but away.



French Revolution vs Syrian Revolution

Similarities:Both fought for new leadership,Heavy taxes,New government established in convalesce stage,Citizen Protest/Rebellions,Low class and high class distinction.Citizen/Organization vs Government or high power.



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