This is no ordinary Breath Smart Breath Practices to Manage High Blood Pressure.

Breath Taking is a new app which records Blood Pressure history and centralizes user information into charts and graphs for users to share with their doctors. Breath Taking also offers calming breath practices to help lower and stabilize BP. It’s quite possibly the first app of its type, in the world, combining mindfulness and medical monitoring into one.

Designed by breathing experts in the fields of medicine and yoga therapy, it is expected the app will be adopted by a variety of medical and psychology institutes, to help their patients manage their blood pressure.

“Its design is wonderful - super cool and simple and easy to use”. Barbara Kuhr - Founding designer of Wired Magazine.

In November 2017, the High BP threshold of 140mmHg dropped to 130mmHg, increasing the amount of Americans with the condition from 31% to 46%. That’s an increase of 30 million adult Americans, more than the population of Australia combined.

Medical Professionals are now advocating diet and lifestyle changes over medication to those affected by hypertension. Breath Taking enters the market as a key stepping stone in addressing this significant health issue.

Baxter, the CEO and Co-Founder of Breath Taking stated, “Coming from a Yoga Therapy background, we often see the powerful effects the breath can have when practices are tailored to the individual. By experimenting with different components of the breath - the inhale, the exhale, and the spaces in between - we can help create desired outcomes. We believe that creating this app is timely and important – there are a lot of people out there looking for complimentary ways to combat Hypertension. A mindful breathing practice doesn’t have to be an alternative or replacement for medication, it can support other treatments. It’s a great way to help responsibly manage high blood pressure for everyone involved from the patient to the doctor.

The FDA now supports claims that conscious breathing techniques help lower and stabilze Hypertension.

The more someone can monitor and manage their condition at home, they’ll not only avoid the White Coat Syndrome, they’ll empower themselves with new tools to help combat high blood pressure as well. This is another reason we created the BreathTaking app – the effects the breath have on blood pressure can be tangibly measured, giving the user instant feedback on how effective breathing practices can be”.

“So when it came to the design of the app, we had to keep in mind that the majority of people with High Blood Pressure are over 50 years old, so we crafted a sleek, beautiful user interface, featuring large lettering and clear navigation buttons”.

This is the first app for the Breath Taking team and will be launched to the US, Australian and British media this month.

“Breathing and controlling your breath is one of the easiest ways to improve mental and physical health” - Wall Street Journal


  • Customized practices with breath length and the unique sounds of the Australian outback.
  • Records Blood Pressure history.
  • Collates user information into meaningful graphs and charts to share with doctors.
  • Simple to use, beautiful design.
  • Full control over sounds during breath practices - including voice.
  • Videos in pro package offer mindful movements to accompany the breath practices, keeping the user motivated.

Baxter, the CEO of Breath Taking, is available for interviews. She is currently in Melbourne (Australian EST GMT+10). You can reach her via email, or call between 11am-6pm, local time.

mobile/cell: +61 423 161 503

email: b@breathtakingapp.com

website: breathtakingapp.com

Created By
Liam Blake


Baxter, CEO and Co Founder, Breath Taking Concepts.

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