National Engineers Week February 21 - 27

In recognition of National Engineers Week, we put our own Professional Engineers on the spot and asked them ...


"As engineers, we are tasked with solving the everyday challenges that face our community. Given our unique skill set in science, mathematics, and problem-solving, we are able to overcome these challenges and deliver optimal solutions. As engineers, I believe we have one core mission – to better the lives of those around us."

- Vincent Esposito, P.E.

“The opportunity to work with a team of diverse professional disciplines – landscape architects, ecologists, hydrogeologists, and soil scientists – on redevelopment projects that integrate restorative green infrastructure practices. These projects provide unique opportunities to exponentially increase the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.”

- Greg Glitzer, P.E.

"My favorite thing about being an engineer is having the opportunity to make a real positive impact on my local environment and public health. By having a hand in properly designing and constructing a sanitary treatment facility, erosion and sediment control plan, potable water tower, stormwater basin, etc., I feel good knowing I am helping keep our local streams and drinking water clean and safe."

- Tyler Evans, P.E.

"For me, nothing beats walking around in a built environment created by a design and construction team I worked with, and experiencing the three dimensional aspects of the project. It is a rewarding feeling to watch others have positive interactions with our designs, creating a legacy that lives on long after our passing."

- Chris Burkett, P.E., R.L.A., P.P.


"Engineers are typically considered problem solvers. Although that is true, I like to think that we are community ambassadors that go beyond just providing a solution to an existing problem. We have to account for the various facets of a project setting such as environmental features, pedestrian accommodations, and the long-term goals of our clients so that we can make recommendations that serve not only the client, but also the surrounding communities and its residents."

- Kristin Norwood, P.E.

"When I get asked this question, my knee-jerk answer is that 'I move dirt and water'. The longer version of that is . . . Site Design is like working on a puzzle where the property boundary is the frame, and you get to move the pieces around to get everything to fit inside."

- Sharon Dotts, P.E., CPESC

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