While At the Harn Daniela De Armas

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The photograph above is different seen in person than it would have in a book or online because of its size. Due to the fact, that it is larger, more attention is brought to it. It is also depicted at such a prime time because the Women's March was such a short period ago. It is nostalgic remembering such iconic women in our history. Friday Kahlo Rivera, Immogen Cunningham, 1931.

Design of the Museum

This section of the museum was interesting because of the large wall that was placed almost in the way of the layout of the room to bring attention to whatever art piece is on display. The artwork's size is impressive and attracts many viewers bringing about more awareness on women's rights. Guerrilla Girls, 1989.

Art and Core Values

Something that I hold close to my morals and my values is always bringing positive energy and almost idolizing all the achievement women have done throughout the years. This appreciation in particular derives from my ancestors in Nicaragua who used to sell textiles such as these. Positive thoughts are brought out when being reminded where my roots come from. -Woman's Head Shawl, Late 20th Century, Amizigh People, Magmata, Tunisia.

Art and the Good Life

If someone were to ask me what my definition of the "good life" was, I would simply reply "having a successful life in New York." My dream in life is to be able to live a comfortable life in New York working as a financial analyst at a corporate company. Untitled #11 (Wall St.),Catherine Opie, 2001.
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