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Each module is to be done sequentially to follow the Biblical Timeline like our very own road to Emmaus.

Travel the Timeline

Each stop on the timeline is a part of an overall tour of the biblical narrative. You can get out and see the sights while we follow the grand story’s breadth. While you are on a stop in the timeline just scroll down the webpage to reach new depths within the sequential nature of the story as it plays out.

Go Deeper

As you stop at each point of the journey, you will see that each icon of the timeline is a signpost to let you know where you are. This way you stay within the context of the narrative but can go a little deeper each time in plumbing the depths of what God is doing. He invites us to co-labour with him to make His story and our story converge into one. A new reality, reframed.

A Step at a Time...

Each point of the timeline is important, so each one has been designed to be experienced in sequence. We start with Introduction, then Trinity, Creation, Rebellion, Co-Creation etc. As far as content goes you will quickly notice a rhythm. This creates a sense of place no matter where you are in the site, it also follows the same order for each of the eleven modules.

Looking for the Familiar in Fresh Places

There will be familiar landmarks you can follow to get you moving deeper into the breadth and depth of the story. As you scroll down the long page, you will take a step at a time in entering into the story. Read a summary, watch interactive video clips, read scripture, meditate on art, practice a spiritual discipline, get inspired and submit your own creative assignment. The Content Box has quick links too.

Embodied Spiritual Practices

At each point in the narrative there are a number of embodied spiritual practices to try. Anything we do for God is done from within our bodies, prayer, intercession, communion or worship and work. That is why we have called them “embodied spiritual practices”. They are like reps in a gym, dribbling a football or shooting hoops. We do these actions over and over and it changes every part of us, strengthening and preparing us indirectly for the great game of life.

New Experiences

Every module has an application with multiple facets and you are left finally with three points to take away and ponder or meditate upon. We have made a space especially for you to create something; write, film, paint or take a photo related to your own journey of discovery to leave your mark. You can upload it to be featured on the site! Finally, think about your own Take-Away and share that with us too. You can fill out the Questionnaire within each module to give us feedback so that we can improve the experience for fellow travellers who follow along in your footsteps.

The Next Stop on the Itinerary is...

When you get to the bottom of a module, you will have the option to click to go to the next one and with each stop we are getting closer to our destination. Go through all the modules from Introduction to Reconciliation, ask Holy Spirit to bring revelation to you at every point. We hope you enjoy this inspirational journey! Please share this site with others and see how you can get involved as a Creative Imagebearer. Enjoy!

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