Osteoporosis Let's control what we can control

Bones are truly miraculous. Bones are in a constant state of change. Old bone is being absorbed and replaced by the new bone . The little natural wonders that do the work are called osteoclasts and osteoblasts. When we are young we produce more bone than we lose . Our bone mass steadily increases as we age into our mid twenties . The opposite action of losing more bone than we make starts to happen slowly at different ages . Post menopausal women are by far at the greatest risk level . Lower estrogen levels equates to more bone loss . The most recent post by the Mayo Clinic details the very extensive list of risk factors . Seventy percent of risk factors are inherited and therefore genetic . Our mantra toward this condition is to control what you can control . How can we reduce our risk ? What can be the substance of a good action plan ? Most of these actions involve lifestyle choices . Eating disorders which produce underweight bodies also reduces bone . More than 2 alcohol drinks per day increases your risk . Tabacco use is associated with bone loss . These are all restrictive changes , so what can we add ? A healthy diet with adequate protein and calcium is a start . Add vitamin D up to 4000 IU per day is recommended for calcium absorption. Far and away your best tool to control bone loss is weight bearing exercise . Walking ,if you can , is great . Alternatives to walking such as cycling and swimming are not as good . A sampling of Tour de France riders show up to 60 percent bone loss in the hips over the 3 weeks of the tour . The riders stand up as little as possible after each grueling stage . EW Motion Therapy can custom design your weight bearing resistance training at the highest level of expertise. Programs that include kettle bell work , Pilates , and yoga are proven activities to prevent bone loss and promote healthy bone density . It makes sense to do the obvious things first .Control what you can control !


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