Time Management Self Study Common exhibit for learning objective #2

This is an example of what my big calendar for the semester looks like. I keep a copy in my agenda and on the wall calendar hung in my room
this is an example of my weekly priorities. I write down everything i can think of that might matter for that day in order of urgency in terms of the long term
This is an example of my day to day prioritizing. I place the things that have to be done today and then write down everything else based on how important or urgent it is for that date.

Overall i would like to say that out of all the exhbits, this one has changed my academic life the most this semester. This is the first time i really stuck with my agenda which i would like to attribute to the fact that i spent $30 on it, and it helped me to stay on top of the daily activities i had to complete. I also have a problem with avoiding classes when i get comfortable in my knowledge an stop going all together that i tried to stop participating in this semester. I hope this is one i continue to employ in the future.


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