7 Things You Should Know at SkyZone By: jack crandall

Working at SkyZone is a very challenging and intricate job. It takes a lot to put up with screaming kids running around throwing up everywhere. We will be explaining a couple of things you should know if you are working at SkyZone.

1. The first thing you should know about working at SkyZone would have to be the customer always comes first. When you first start to work they let you know that multiple times for you to remember.

2. The second thing you should know while working at SkyZone would have to you always should be paying attention. If someone gets hurt you have to fill out an accident report so you have to know what happened and how it happened.

3. Another thing you should know would have to be watch out for kids who are not wearing the right socks and have gone past the time on their sticker. If I catch a kid who has gone past his time I really don't care they can keep jumping if they want, but if my manager finds that they get a warning. If they come back and do the same we are going to have to kick them out.

4. To add on to number three if you are acting annoying I'll probably just end up kicking you out of the area I'm watching.

5. Another thing to know is that at the beginning of your shift you can get a card that has a " free spin" written on it and you can give it to any kid you want. A free spin means they get to go down to the front desk and can spin the wheel, you can win free time, an icee, pizza or sunglasses and t-shirts.

6. When we close we have to start to clean the place up. Some of the things we do are mop the pads, vacuum the trampolines and clean the cafe area. One of the worst things you can do when cleaning is not wrap up your extension cord the right way so when the next person uses it they run into a problem.

7. The last thing you need to know while working at SkyZone would have to be Have Fun, Fly Safe.

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