Little Big History Of Dogs Kara Boeckenstedt

Global society is used to refer to a society that is being built in modern times in which all the people of the world have a good deal in common with one another. Dogs have an impact on global society because humans domesticated some animal species to obtain food, acquire strength for various activities and as companions.

Over time big history thresholds have made an impact on the history of dogs. Threshold 5, (Life) 6, (Collective Learning) and 8 (Modern Resolution) have made the biggest changes in dogs. Dogs have huge impacts on people and some dogs used as pets, service, and other activities. For all the millions of dogs out in the world they can change peoples life. In threshold 6 collective learning relates to dogs because long ago dogs weren't pets they where wolves. Dogs were just a loose category of wolves until around 15,000 years ago, when our ancestors became tamer. We fed them, bred them, and spread them from continent to continent. While other wolves died out, dogs grew into a new specie. In threshold 8, dogs can relate to modern resolution because now humans have been breeding dogs to make new kinds of dogs. Right now there is 340 dog breeds and only 167 of the breeds of purebred. Approximately 42.5 million households in the United States own one or more dogs and the total number of dogs in the country is 73 million.

Dogs fossils were first founded in east Asia. Dogs originated from wolves about 19,000 to 32,000 years ago. If you compare wolves and dogs they both have similar senses like good noses for smelling, good ears for hearing, and same body types for fast running. Dogs were the first pet-like animal people owned. Dogs started to associate with people they were drawn in by food or old garbage. Dogs started to become a lot more tamer than wolves. So humans started using dogs for hunting and guard duty to protect their family.

Wolf Compared To A Dog
Wolf's And Dogs Both Have Similar Facial Features

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