The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

After finishing the the performance and listening to the talkback I learned new things about our culture. During the play I saw that during Bernhardt's time there were adults and children working everyday with the risk of dying just to make things for people. I realized that these type of things may even still occur in the current era. In addition, I also realized that in the current era there are still people like the Factory Boss that exist and take advantage of people to earn a profit. Furthermore, there are also many people in the current age that are ignorant of where most of their things come from which is similar to the people in Bernhardt's time.

The central issue of the performance was that there are many injustices in the world that are hidden. There are many people that are aware of these things but fail to reveal them to world. However, at the same time there are people that do reveal them, but many people ignore such things. Thus, there are many dark truths hidden in society.

Before the performance I had already known vaguely about woman working in factories during this time, but failed to see certain aspects of the situation. For example, I did not know that there were that many underage kids working during this time.

After the performance I realized that I may be like the people of that era because they did know of some injustices at there time but there were also hidden injustices. Thus, it shows that in my life there may be injustices that I am ignorant of despite me knowing quite a lot about things happening in the world. So, the subject does affect me in a way because the clothes I wear or even the food I eat may be created using unethical means. In addition, there may also be dark sides of society that I may not be aware of.

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