Schist by:abigail p.

Schist is a metamorphic rock.

The hardness of schist is 7 or 7.5 so, it's generally hard.

It can be colors grey, white, and tan.

The luster of schist is dull or shiny because when light reflects off of it a mineral that's inside of it will shine.

Schist is found in eroded mountains and areas of glacial deposition of eroded schist.

Schist is used as a decorative rock in walls and gardens.

Now it's time for fun facts!

1.Schist is often referred to as schistosity because of it's large mica flakes.

2.Schist is derived from a German word meaning to split.

3.Most of schist is made of a mineral called mica and is called mica schist.

4.Schist is often used as a guide to measure specific sizes and dimensions of objects.

Bye hope you liked it!


Created with images by James St. John - "Glaucophane schist (Attic-Cycladic Crystalline Complex, Cretaceous to Eocene metamorphism, 78 to 42 Ma; NW end of Siphnos Island, western Cycladic Islands, southwestern Aegean Sea) 2" • James St. John - "Gold and quartz (Main Ledge, 3050 Level, Homestake Mine, Lead, Black Hills, South Dakota, USA) 6" • dani36v - "Schist_03" • James St. John - "Auriferous sulfidic chlorite schist (Homestake Formation, Precambrian; Homestake Mine, Lead, Black Hills, South Dakota, USA) 3" • James St. John - "Gold-quartz-sulfide hydrothermal vein (O'Dea Vein or Irishman Vein, Late Cretaceous; Grant Mine, Fairbanks Mining District, Alaska, USA) 2" • Rui Silva (ruka) - "_MG_1313" • Grand Canyon NPS - "Grand Canyon National Park: Geologic Fireplace 2788" • Rui Silva (ruka) - "_MG_1138" • Grand Canyon NPS - "Grand Canyon: Vishnu Schist by Colorado River 0021" • GOC53 - "Folded glaucophane schist" • James St. John - "Talc schist 2" • lostandcold - "Schist" • mountainamoeba - "Chiwaukum schist" • selkovjr - "Folded schist" • Kristine Paulus - "Rock Cat"

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