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I enjoyed reading “A Creative Church” and learning how much diversity there is in art. The author, Todd Smith, goes into detail about how much art and subsets of art have changed over centuries and decades. Art can be an expression of emotion through any medium, whether it be music, painting, or drawing. Art can be expressed by a wide variety of mediums. Art also has a way of showing culture and different places around the world.



First off, I will speak about the importance of music in our daily lives and how music has changed our way of thinking, and our interaction with the world. Even children learn music by hearing it from different forms. They learn to identify rhythms, rhymes, and lyrics. Music can speak to our emotions and make us change the way we feel. If we are depressed, then we try to listen to sad music that understands how we feel. The opportunity to hear and play different instruments also builds good auditory learning.


The book goes into detail about how gospel music has grown into what is now called contemporary worship. Gospel music is performed for spiritual pleasure and to worship God in a way that some people cannot. Instrumentalists will play on stage and perform songs of praise to God in way that they might only know how to do.



Dance is a form of art that are sequences of human body movement. The movement can be an aesthetic and symbolize a variety of actions. Dance has always been debated on whether it can be a sport or a form of art. I believe that dance is an art form, but it does have components of sports. Through dance, you have the ability to tell a story without the use of words, through your body language. While dancing, people change themselves into a character, like in theater. Dance is also a very inventive, allowing people to express their true feelings.


In the Bible, David said that he danced to praise the name of the Lord, even in mourning. The people who crossed the Red Sea to flee form the Egyptians danced because they were free from their bondage, for God had delivered them.

https://www.pinterest.com/sabinabritt/dance-in-the-old-testament/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/480266747734632484/


I believe Christians are artists, because God tells us to call people to discover more about Him, their Creator. We can do so by sharing the Gospel in creative ways as we relate to others. Art can be done by all forms from painting, drawing, crafts, sculpting, photography, writing, drama, ect. God can speak to us through artwork.


Worshiping God through art should not be about the wonder we have within ourselves; the artwork should honor and glorify God and not the artist. You don’t have to go to an art gallery or a high class museum to see creative artwork. Art is all around you in nature, the heart is God's artwork. Worshiping God with art is about creating something for the Lord. Worshiping the Creator through art is about opening yourself up to God’s beauty and His holiness.



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