MPLT Color Run

The Marching Pride of Lawrence Township is hosting a "My School Color Run." This will take place Aug. 19, 2017 at Lawrence Park.

The color run is a fundraiser by the band to raise money. Last year, MPLT was invited to march in the Tournament of Roses Parade. 21 other marching Bands participated, from high schools and colleges alike.

"The pledges we get go straight to our account to help pay for band." said senior Mikayla Whitkater.

This isn't a typical mini marathon or run where times matter, but the amount of color that is thrown on you does.

"You can get extra packets to get extra messy." said Whitaker.

The color run is a 5K course. At each kilometer racers are doused in different colors at color stations. The end of the race features a final color celebration at the finish line.

MPLT marching during the famous Tournament of Roses Parade. Here seven band memebers touted a Lawrence sign through the five and a half mile long parade.

"It'll be fun to hang out with my friends and I get a free t-shirt." said Whitaker.

Wearing disposable clothes, or clothes that can be covered in paint and powder that can get dirty is highly recommended.

To register, visit You can also donate to the combined bands. All checks should be made out to LTSF.


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