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( all photos on this page are my own )

My name is Kierstyn Sahagun and at a very young age I was told that in more ways than one that I couldn't.

"I couldn't" pursue photography, "I couldn't" be creative, "I couldn't" make anything that would be meaningful to anyone.

But I couldn't keep still.

Amidst all the skepticism and criticism from those close to me, I am always extremely thankful for the support I've gotten from the people around me. These photographs date back to years and years ago. Every single person in these photographs has given me the time and the opportunity to do what I love.

I've always had to fight to take pictures and videos. My parents were very strict about how I spent my time, and carefully laid out the direction they wanted me to go. Immigrating from a third world country to Canada, my parents have always wanted to make sure that I was on a path to sure success.

I tried to set my heart on science, medicine, pharmacy, law, etc. But I knew I've always been drawn to something more. Creativity. Business. The digital world. The ever evolving world of social media.

Because my parents hated the idea of me pursuing anything creative, I always found myself sneaking around. Taking pictures of people, asking my friends if I could photograph their weddings, I've even approached various local businesses and offered to take photos and video advertisements for free- just anywhere and anything I could do to get the opportunity to get my hands on a camera, and anything I could do to help.

Weddings & Engagement Shoots

My drive is stronger than I ever, and I have so much more to learn.

I want to change the world with stories. Everyone, everything has a story. Photographs and videos nowadays tell stories in ways no one could have ever imagined before. I want to give a voice to anyone who needs it.

My story of passion and rebellion is only just beginning.

Video Samples



(Filming and editing of all videos listed were done by me.)


All photos taken by Kierstyn Sahagun

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