Buying an Aquarium!


Today we are going to be buying an aquarium for our classroom. There are many details that go into this process. Working with your group we are going to discover how much buying an aquarium will actually cost.


Step #1

  • You and two of your classmates are going to work together on google slides to buy an aquarium for the classroom!
  • As you go through the steps, create your own google slides to make a presentation. The google classroom folder is linked below!
  • Designate someone as student #1, student #2 and student #3.
  • The aquarium is 55 gallons.

Step #2

  • Person #1 is going to need to find out what size table the tank will need to be on.
  • How much space does the tank take up on the table?
  • Find a table that you think would be suitable for the classroom to buy to put the tank on.

Step #3

  • Person #2 needs to find out how many bags of rocks we need to cover the bottom of the tank.
  • Find a type of aquarium gravel, how many bags of this gravel will you need to cover the bottom of the tank? How big is the bottom of the tank?

Step #4

  • Person #3 needs to find out how much salt we need to make this a salt water tank.
  • Find a specific type of salt for the tank.
  • How many scoops or packets of salt do you need to make this a salt water tank?

Step #5

  • As a group make sure that all measurements are in both the Imperial (U.S. standard) system and the Metric system!

Step #6

  • We need to know how much this is all going to cost!
  • As a group add up the total cost off all the items that we are going to purchase.
  • Do not forget any of the items that we talked about!


Use your online journal and reflect on this lesson

  1. What math units did use during this webquest?
  2. Did you use another skills that were not math based?
  3. Did working with a group make this activity harder or easier?


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