The Motoroamer's February Newsletter and we're celebrating!

February, the month of love! Hopefully there were hearts a flutter for your household or motorhome. In Scoobie, not so! We're not great fans of the commercial stuff and instead we celebrate love every day!!!

Talking of celebrations, today is our Travel Anniversary - our first full year on the road. We can't quite believe that this time last year we were heading to Plymouth, UK to catch our ferry to Santander, Spain. Who would have thought that twelve months later we would have seen and experienced so many joys as we live, work and travel full-time in our motorhome?

We have learned so many things whilst being on the road. We've turned from tourist travellers to nomadic ones; we've covered 13500 miles and 10 countries; we've built websites and started to earn money from our affiliate programmes. So things are really beginning to gain so momentum at The Motoroamer's HQ. Will it change us? Not a jot! It will inspire us to keep doing what we're doing and we're getting so much lovely feedback, that it just drives us to do more. And all the time you are loving it, we will keep seriously entertaining you with our travel!

Karen has written a blog about our first year on the road and our lessons, which we have posted here for you, if you've not seen it on Facebook. Click here for a read!

So what's news in February? Well the much dreaded, Mr Rainman has been banished from Spain after January's storms and snow fall in Dénia and has definitely been replaced by Mr Sunshine. We've had some gorgeous temperatures and been able to don our shorts and t-shirts, do tons of cycling and eat outside. This is what we've been hoping for - happy days. We've even had the kayak out. Which reminds us, we promised to show you our electric bike review. Who would have thought that we would have fallen in love with electric so much. Karen, as a staunch road-cyclist and Myles as a grumpy 'I'll cycle if I have to' sort, can now be seen trekking effortlessly up hills and down dales, with no fears of distance or exhaustion. Just rather sore bums! Here's a product review Myles did, in true SmileyMiley styley.

February has also seen us reconnect with gorgeous family in Los Alcazares, Murcia - (home to the famous Street Art), who we've not seen since our wedding 27 years ago. They treated us to a gander at Cartagena, which has marble walkways, Roman ruins and the deepest port in Europe and we supped a few beers over at Cabo de Palos. What a fab time we had.

Gorgeous time spent with Myles' cousin in Los Alcazares.

After our five weeks of being stationery in Los Pinos, Dénia, our wanderlust seriously took hold and finally we made the break and hit the road again. Having such a long time in one place inspired a blog from the Mrs about the dilemma so many of us travellers face about standing still or movement. It's a real conundrum.

So we headed back out on the road again and it felt good to stretch Scoobie's tyres. We headed south to Aguilas in Murcia and, after a bit of searching for somewhere wild to camp up, we stumbled upon this incredible spot. Now it's worth mentioning at this point, that wild camping along the Murcia coast is being clamped down upon by the local police. New signs have popped up this year to say that there will be a €1000 fine if you are caught camping. Now we've seen the police moving people on, and conversely, we've seen people disregarding the signs and camping anyway. It's a risk and one that we're not willing to take, as €1000 is three months worth of camp fees. Anyway our little piece of paradise at Playa de Carolina has no sign, as the entrance to the beach is in Andalusia - so we had nearly two weeks here. It was stunning as the photo shows. Wall to wall coast and gently lapping waves to lull us to sleep. No doubts we will return here. One of our all-time favourite camp spots.

Scoobie is second in on the top right.

After our family visit, we had a little diversion up in the mountains, following the Valle de Ricote route. We meandered through authentic Spanish villages who make their living from the land with their lemon groves, olives and bodegas. We found another wild camping spot, that was very much approved by the local community police, in the small village of Ricote and it was spectacular. In contrast to Carolina, this time we were surrounded by mountains and painted pigeons (they have a very different translation for pigeon lover in Murcia). Tuesday is market day and what a joy. We just love being able to give back to the community when we get camping for free, or cheap. In fact, Ms Moneypenny has been on it this month with yet another blog on the Symbiosis of Wild Camping. Have a peak here!

One of the many things we love about our lifestyle is the meeting up of like-minded souls and after a year of virtually following Andi and Paul from Follow our Motorhome, we finally hooked up down in Aguilas. We had a blast and they seriously taught us how to play. Our inner children really came out and if we weren't cycling, we were walking, playing boules, out on the kayak, having coffee or playing games until the late hours. Friends for life!

And whilst we were together, we had the best cultural experience of our Spanish trip so far this year, when we attended the second largest Carnival in the region. Think Rio or Nottinghill with Spanish music. It was a spectacle lasting 5 hours - so grateful that Andi and Paul managed to get us seated tickets right on the roadside. Now we know how much you love Myles' videos, so as not to disappoint, here's one he made earlier focusing on the Carnival. A. maz. ing!

What a month. Full of lovely connections, great winter sun and lots of laughter, culture and play. Just how we like it. And a wonderful way to round off our adventures for our first year on the road. What will 2017 bring us? Stay tuned and you'll see our trip to watch Las Fallas in Dénia, fun with my bestie in Barcelona and then our Greek Odyssey begins - now that we are seriously looking forward to!

We hope you stick around and enjoy our Seriously Entertaining Travel adventures, which will be full of information, humour and inspirations - everything to tickle your taste buds. So for now, with love, The Motoroamers and Scoobie.

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