App Journal Carolina Contreras Hernández

Lesson 1

Whatsapp: I downloaded Whatsapp because a lot of my friends recommended it to me, so I ended up wanting to know what was it. It satisfy my needs to communicate. In my opinion this app solves miscommunication problems.

Snapchat: I downloaded Snapchat because it seemed a very interesting app. This app helps me "be part" of the life of my friends by posting photos or videos. This app solves the need of getting an insight of your friends thoughts or daily life.

Instagram: I downloaded Instagram in order to upload pictures. This app helps to share pictures of your life. This app solves up the need to share pictures with filters.

Life sum: I downloaded this app since I read it gives you reminders to have a healthy life and eat correctly. This app helps people have control of their habits, and develop new ones that may rich your lifestyle.

Netflix: I downloaded this app because I wanted to watch movies and series that are only available in this platform. I think this app solves the issue of having to buy individual movies, allowing you to choose the one you want to watch at the time you want to watch it.

Lesson 2

1.- An app to help you evaluate how much time you need to expend exercising according to the calories you ingested throughout the day.

2.- An app that allows you to arrange an outfit with the clothes you've got at home

3.- An app that arranges a makeup look with the makeup you've got at home. It also will arrange your skin type with the perfect tone of foundation, blush, etc.

LEsson 3

In order to develop a successful app and to accomplish the public's needs, you must understand who's your audience.

Idea 1: This app is targeted from teenagers to adults that are interested on losing weight or have a great interest on having a healthy lifestyle. This app would meet their needs since it would guide them to do the right amount of exercises according to what they have ingested.

Idea 2: This app would be targeted to teenagers who are interested on fashion and not spending too much time on thinking what they may wear in any type of event or situation. This app will meet their needs since it would be interactive and easy to use and understand.

Idea 3: This app would be targeted to teenagers who are interested in makeup and beauty products. This may meet their needs since it would guide them to buy the right makeup shade according to their skin tone as well as suggest makeups that are adequate for any kind of event or situation.

Lesson 4

Which apps are easier to understand:

1.-Netflix: Netflix is really easy to understand since its platform allows you to choose movies based on categories, and once you pick the movie of your choice its pretty predictable that you only need to press play.

2.-Whatsapp: Whatsapp is a little more difficult than Netflix but its predictible since its platform its really similar to any other message app.

3.-Life sum: Life Sum guides you in order to comprehend the app, so its pretty easy to understand the app at first instance.

4.-Instagram: Instagram its a little harder to comprehend since it doesn't guide you, so you need to observe what other people are doing in order to start using it correctly.

5.-Snapchat: Snapchat doesn't really guides you at all, and its a very unique app making it really hard to understand unless somebody explains you how to use it correctly.

Lesson 5

One of the ideas I had that really stand out to me is the exercising app. This app addresses the obesity and overweight problems we face as a country nowadays. With the help of this app additional to a doctor's guidance I think the problem may diminish itself.

I hope my app will be disruptive and change society's perspective about makeup. Makeup is not just a vanity thing, is something that helps people express themselves and be who they are.

Lesson 6

App Name: Makeapp

Problem: It's difficult to find the right makeup formula to match up your skin needs

Lesson 7

If I would use a special feature will be Bluetooth. This feature would consist of sharing your client's information as soon as they enter a store, obviously with their consent. Another feature that I think it has never been used would be a face detector with your front camera. This would allow your phone to know special features about your face.

Lesson 8

If I would use a special feature in my app it will probably be Bluetooth. A way to give this feature a use would be being able to send your makeup selection and your skin characteristics to a makeup seller when you are in a makeup store and you want to make your visit to be faster and more efficient. Another feature that I think it has never been used would be a face detector with your front camera, this would allow the app to have more accurate information about your skin tone and type.

Lesson 9

There are several makeup apps in App Store but they are far away from the idea our app plans to provide to the users. The apps presented on App Store are based on having a makeup simulator that adds any given makeup to your face in a virtual matter. On the other hand, our hand helps to acquire makeup rather than having a perception on how it may look in your face.

Lesson 10

-The font of the letter should always be the same but at different sizes and boldness.

-The color palette throughout the app should be respected.

-Depth should be clear and pleasant to watch for any spectator.

Lesson 11

I consider Instagram to have an appealing icon, since it has a simple shape but still very colorful which captures the attention of the spectator and causes curiosity to flourish about what the app may be about. I think the best option in order for making our app attractive would be to keep it simple yet organized and appealing.

Lesson 12

The first thing the viewer sees on the app would be its "profile". At the top left corner would be a menu set button in order to click it and select a series of options such as "concelear" or "eyeshadow".

The type of graphics would include pay graphs that show the percentages of the amount of elements that a product may contain.


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