Non-Fiction By: Josie Nappier

Non-Fiction books are real books that tell, inform, teach, and explain things about the topic you´re reading about.
There´s many things that are different between fiction texts, and non-fiction texts. This picture shows that there´s only one kind of non-fiction while there´s many different kinds of fiction.
Non-Fiction text can be found in textbooks, essays, biographies, reliable sources, etc.
There´s many ways to set up a non-fiction text. Which is called text features, which could include headings, a glossary, pictures, maps, different types of font, etc.
Most non-fiction books aren´t as fun to read for younger kids. Although there are a few magazines non-fiction magazines that kids love. For example: TIME magazines.
In non-fiction books you can´t exactly have an opinion because it´s all facts. You can´t think a FACT is wrong, if it´s proven right.
Like i said in an earlier page, non-fiction text can be found in biographies. Biographies are books about someone, giving facts about that person written by someone else. An example of one is the picture on the very right.

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