The Ingredient Incident By: Sydney Viera

Olivia was a successful business owner. She had one of the best restaurants in the city. Sadly, that all began changing. Her restaurant started having many problems.

She was running out of business, and the food began tasting disgusting. All of this caused her to do something crazy. She decided to become a detective and get to the bottom of things herself.

Olivia had never done anything like this, so she had no idea what to do. She decided to begin finding clues about what was happening to her business one night after the restaurant had closed.

The first placed she looked in was the storage room. She looked inside boxes and shelves but found nothing. After that she went to the kitchen. There she looked at the food ingredients, appliances, and other things.

While she was looking at the food ingredients, she noticed something different. She saw several bags of some kind of dark purple powder on the ingredient shelf.

She was very confused about this since she had never seen this ingredient before. She also didn’t remember ever ordering or using this powder. She decided to take some of the bags to examine them at home.

Once she was home, she opened one of the bags and took out some of the powder. As soon as she opened the bag, she started getting a horrible scent. She decided to taste some of the powder to see what it exactly was.

The powder tasted disgusting. She was so confused about all this, until she came to a conclusion. Olivia began thinking this ingredient was the cause of her restaurant’s issues. She wondered if an employee or customer had sneaked in this powder.

So the next day, she chose to keep a close eye on any one that went into the kitchen. While she was doing this, she noticed one of the new workers near the shelf she had found the powder in. The worker was taking some of the powder and putting it in into the food he was cooking. She chose to follow his every move that day.

After the day had ended, she decided to follow the employee. She waited for him to get into his car so she could close the restaurant and go follow him. She drove around behind him until he got to his apartment.

There she stayed in the car and waited for him to go inside his house. Once he was inside, she got out of the car and watched him through the window. She waited for him to go to bed, so she could look inside his apartment for any clues.

After a while, the worker went to bed, and Olivia sneaked in through the window. She tried to be as carefully as possible. She looked inside the drawers, under furniture, and inside the rooms but found nothing.

But while she was looking inside a closet, she found a box with a lock on it. The powder has to be in there she thought. She looked for the key but couldn’t find it.

So she took the box outside and threw it on the floor. The box opened and all of the bags of the ingredient flew out. She gathered all of them and took them with her.

Olivia was so upset about what the worker had done. The following day, she chose to confront him about the bags. When her employee got to work, she told him about what she had found out.

She fired and warned him to never step foot in her restaurant again. She never really found out why he had done all of this, but she was certain to find out.




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