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Does Globalization make the world stronger?

Globalization, the flow of people, money, information and goods worldwide makes the world stronger. One reason is because it creates new jobs and brings people out of poverty. For example, companies will build factories in poor countries with a lot of people who want to work and improve their living conditions. Also when companies produce things overseas it costs the companies less to make the products and it becomes cheaper for the consumers. A third reason globalization makes the world stronger is because countries want to stay friendly with the other countries they trade with. This makes the world stronger because there are less conflicts and the world is more peaceful. Globalization brings people and countries together to help one another, and that makes the world stronger.

Mt.Everest, is it worth the risk or not?

Every year people attempt to climb the 29,035 feet and reach the summit of Mt.Everest. I have no interest in doing this ever, I wouldn't risk my life to climb a mountain. One reason, I won't go is you can get frostbite easily and lose fingers, toes and parts of your body or your face. The average temperature ranges from -4 degrees to -31 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is wind. Another reason it is because there can be storms and people die in avalanches. In 2014, 13 Sherpas died in an avalanche. These are very experienced hikers and they didn't make it. Finally, I don't think it's worth the risk because you could end up falling asleep on the hike and never waking up because of the low oxygen amount. I really have no interest in climbing Mt. Everest.

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How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Oil in Southwest Asia been able to change the lives of people who live there. Crude oil in this region is a valuable nonrenewable resource that is sold and generates a lot of money for countries that have oil reserves. When countries have more money their citizens lives can improve. In southwest Asia life expectancy has increased by 15 years and infant mortality has decreased recently because selling oil has improved the living conditions and better health care is available to them. however, being dependent on oil to make money for helping citizens isn’t always possible and some people's lives have not gotten better. Countries that have a lower number of oil reserves but have a high population might have a lower gdp and a poor hdi. For example, Yemen has 2,800 oil reserves, and their gdp is $2,600 dollars and their hdi is low at 138. Most people in Yemen are probably very poor and not well off and live in poverty. people in southwest Asia use oil to try and meet the needs of its people and some are successful and some are not.

An Oil reservein Saudi Arabia.

How do people adapt to living I n the desert region?

People adapt to the harsh conditions of the Sahara and Sahel in many different ways. One way they adapt is by living near an oasis. People live near oases so that they can get fresh water that they can use for farming their cash crops. People in the desert use cash crops to make money, and cash crops that are found near oases include dates, wheat, and barley. Another way people adapt is by using modern technology to make life easier. For example, nomads have been using trucks that are built to be able to drive through the sand and can carry heavy loads instead of camels. Also people have been able to make drilling machines that find underground water to find new oases. It is not easy for people to live in a desert region but living near water and using technology helps people adapt and makes life easier.

People at an oasis.

Question: What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are different forces that work for and against supranational cooperation in Europe, centripetal forces unite. One centripetal force that unites Europe economically is that they created a trade bloc. The trade bloc joins several European countries economies to make those countries have a more powerful market in the global world. Another centripetal force that unites Europe is that the EU wants their citizens to have a European Culture along with their national culture. The EU wants their citizens to think of themselves as Europeans, so they have their own flag, they have their own anthem, and they celebrate Europe day. These centripetal forces help unite Europe

The stars on the EU Flag

What is the most effective form of government?

The most effective style of government is democracy. Democracy gives all the power to its citizens by allowing them to vote for the elected officials and on laws for their society. In representative democracy citizens choose a representative to represent an idea of theirs and direct democracy citizens can vote on laws and issues that they care about themselves without representative. Democracies protect people's freedoms and rights unlike in an autocracy where one person has all the power, usually a dictator or monarch. A dictator might not represent their citizens and usually they don't care about citizen rights. Democracy's citizens have rights that are protected by the government. For example, If citizens don't like what their representatives are doing they can vote in new ones. They can sue the government if they feel that laws that are being passed are against their rights. Allowing citizens to have all the power is effective because they get a say in everything and the people feel their rights are protected.

Democracy works for the people.

What makes a good citizen?

Response: A citizen is a person of a state who should obey the laws, help society and participate in government processes like voting. A good citizen will pay taxes on things that they purchase and things that they own like their house, or apartment because taxes go to the government and they help pay for roads and important things for communities.. A good citizen also has responsibilities to be informed about what is going on in the area that they live in. Good citizens must respect other citizens authority. A good citizen follows laws and social laws made in their community.

People become citizens every week in the US.


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