Helicopter Parenting

What is a Helicopter Parent?

A helicopter parent is a type of parenting where the parents tend to over parent and have way too much focus on their kids. Helicopter parents tend to make their kids more dependent rather than independent in life. They tend to take most of the responsibilities of their kids failures in life and even the things they achieve. Helicopter parenting can also be referred to as“overparenting”. Helicopter parents tend to be overprotective and can be also over controlling at times as well. Most helicopter parents apply this parenting style to their kids in high school or college students doing everyday activities for their kids that they are capable of doing themselves. As for toddlers who may experience helicopter parenting may their parents my shadow them and not leave them alone to play.

Other Types of Parent's:

  • Authoritative
  • Neglectful
  • Permissive
  • Authoritarian
  • Helicopter

Why Do Helicopter Parents Do What They Do?

Parents get stressed when there kids don’t achieve their goals such as making the soccer team or even getting good grades, the parents feel these issues could be avoided with parental help. Helicopter parents do what they do in hopes of cancelling out their kids anxiety and to keep their stress levels at a minimal. Parents who worry about the economy are driven to protect their kids as they don't want to see them get hurt or to fail.


Parents who follow too close are doing to much for their kids and expecting to fight all their kids battle which will end in a disaster is what professionals predict. Doing too much for your kids now may make it hard for them to cope without your help in the future, there are things they can figure out themselves without your help. Your child learns confidence and competence by doing and learning things for themselves and won't have these attributes if you do everything for them. You may think that your help is necessary and actually helpful but really you might be taking away their opportunity to find their own way of doing everyday tasks. Children raised by helicopter parents tend to be raised to be dependent, less open and neurotic rather than kids who are brought up to be independent. Helicopter kids tend to also suffer from anxiety more than others, they aren't as open to new ideas and experiences and are more self-conscious.

Dependent And Unable To Cope.

Helicopter parents truly do believe they're doing the best for their child by being overprotective and most don't understand the harm they're causing. These children are sheltered from rough childhoods and from facing difficult times or “less desirable” times. The parents usually do not give their kids household chores or other responsibilities so the kids are use to a care free childhood. The children often depend on their parents to solve their problems and often cannot cope with doing it themselves. Helicopter parents make their children feel like they are incapable of making their own decisions making them very dependent on their parents. These kids are sheltered and are not aware of age appropriate life situations or even exploring their social environment as other kids do.


  • Can’t cope without you
  • Not having confidence
  • Help is not always helpful
  • Can't do things for themselves
  • They may become sneaky

Here Are 5 Examples Of Helicopter Parent's

1. The mom who went to college with her child. One mother was so obsessed with ensuring that her child excelled that she enrolled in all of her daughter's classes to make sure she was doing her work, a professor who goes by the username hansen wrote.

2. The parent who recruited friends for their kid. "I was at college orientation and one parent came up to my friend and said, 'That girl over there is my daughter. You go up to her and introduce yourself to her and be her friend,'" one Redditor wrote. "It wasn't done in a cute way—it was semi-threatening."

3. The mom that applied to colleges for her daughter. "My senior year of high school my mom filled out an application for me to go to her alma mater, complete with an essay and a personal statement," improbability wrote. "I had no idea she'd done this until the acceptance letter arrived."

4. The mom who threw food at her son's competition. "I played a lot of hockey as a kid. I had a plate of nachos and a drink thrown at me by a mother and challenged to a fight by the father of one of the kids on the other team," poissonsale wrote. "The reason being I scored twice that game, he was the goalie, and there were 'scouts' there."

5. The dad who was thrown out of his son's baseball game. "I'm a town cop, and just last night I had to 'escort' an irate father from the field before he took the Ump's head off for 'bad calls,'" another commentor wrote. "I made him sit in his Jeep like a toddler in time out until the game was over.

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