What I learned about the revolution travis alenduff

The idea of the revolution was to nurture the idea having a better government, which would lead to better citizens and an overall better society. They rested on the belief that the more money you had, the more power you had.

The navigation law aimed at the dutch. he law stated that all commerce coming and going from the colonies will have to be shipped in British and colonial vessels only. to amass all of the gold and silver. The country had to export more goods than it imported.

In 1764 the sugar act was passed. It was the first law passed by parliament that raised revenue from the from colonies. they increased sugar duties in the west indies. After protests the duties got lowered significantly.

five events that lead up to the revolution; The french and Indian war , the proclamation of 1763. the sugar act. they taxed sugar, the stamp act, The battle of bunker hill. a major part of pre revolution time.

three wars The battle of bunker hill- the British won, Lexington and concord- the Americans won, The battle of Saratoga- The British won under the command of general john burgoyne.

outcomes- the peace treaty of paris was signed due to the ending of the revolution. The 13 states were allowed to join together and make the United States


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