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Snapchat is a social media app used by slightly less than half of Americans today. The app allows you to text/ share pictures with your friends. A free app, you can share live stories with people who have "added you".


Streaks on Snapchat can be achieved by sending a picture to an individual for three days in a row. Every time the contact of that individual shows up on your Snapchat page, they will have a fire emoji and a number representing how long your streak has been maintained (In days.) If you fail to send a Snapchat within 24 hours, your streak will be lost. The emoji next to the contact (called friend emoji) may vary depending on progress of chatting.


Studies have shown that since the beginning of 2016, Snapchat has revealed to be the most popular app among people age 10-24. As opposed to its last year ranking of only 28%.


Snapchat has the ability to access a "story" in which you can post something on your story and allow all those who have added you see your post which stays on your story for 24 hours.
Snapchat also has a variety of filters causing the animated filter (some are shown above) to appear on your face as you are taking a picture.


Instagram is a social media app in which you can access an account to post pictures, chat with friends and follow your friends to see what they're up to.


Since investing in Instagram, it has only expanded. Instagram has evolved their logo, and many other designs throughout the app. Instagram has also created other apps available with the update of the original app, to created more efficient and elaborate photos to be posted on the app.

Instagram is easily one of the most popular social media apps for ages 8-30! You have easy access to commenting on posts, and liking posts your friends have shared.

If I Could Travel Any Place in the World it Would Be...

The Tropical Island of Tahiti!!!

Why Tahiti?

With the most beautiful, white sanded beaches, Tahiti is a perfect spot for a vacation, or to book a resort. Tahiti also contains Bora Bora, a very popular vacation spot. Bora Bora is a proven pest free zone, with no insects or rodents to bug you on a get away. Also with the clear waters you can see right to the bottom, no matter how deep.


Tahiti is made up of many different islands which are divided into five groups. Located halfway between the United States and Austrailia, Tahiti is among French Polynesia,

A game played by anyone who enjoys the sport, with teams of 11, while the object of the game is to score in the opponents goal not using your hands.

Soccer is often underestimated as an "interesting topic" especially women's teams, who do not achieve equal paying with men while doing the same amount of work.

What I Did This Summer Was...

I went to Emerald Isle, in North Carolina.

My family and I walked along this pier at nighttime and it was beautiful. Around halfway, down the pier, a kid yelled "I got something! I got something!" We stopped to see a baby shark hanging onto the line! Later, we were at the very edge of the pier and saw around 5 sharks, just waiting for something.
We had a wonderful time and thankfully didn't see any sharks up close.


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