Dylan brambley WRITING 2017

diving catastrophe

1.My name is Shawn. I live on coast of Turi Turi Martangy with my mum and dad and sister and friends James and Mark, me and my friends have known each other since preschool. We are the adventurous type which is why we are always fascinated with what we find in reefs surrounding Turi and the small abundant of tide pools, but mostly wonder what is truly below the reef, what lives in the darkest corner of the reef. This what we all think about. Every time we visit the reef we always find something new hidden in the reef. Until that happens we will continue our search to find anything else that lurks in the shadows of the reef

People know stories of a ship that had been transporting explosives blew up just outside of the cove that was later blown into the cove and got caught on the sharp rocks surrounding the enclosed part of the reef. From my point of view, this would explain the amount of wood beached on the reef’s outer shell. To add on to the wreck, it was high tide and reef was invisible a few divers brought cameras to take photos of the wreck. How the ship caught fire is unknown dew to the fact it wasn’t being targeted. The ship’s hull was ripped open on the starboard side meaning it collided with the reef on the right. Therefore, the reef is called shipwreck cavern.

My friends and I can tell that snorkelling wouldn’t work to reach the wreck because of the depth, so diving is our only choice. According to the local divers a small school of shark’s swim around the wreck so we must be stealthy or at least be armed. The wreck is well known because it contains kina, oysters and a large amount of fish species. James had all the equipment we needed to do this, Head bound flashlights, spear guns, oxygen tanks, wetsuits, flippers, gloves and bags to secure anything we find interesting.

2.With high tide slowly crawling up the reef the large swarms of stranded creatures were pulled from the rock pools and out to sea. The screeching calls of sea birds covered up the sound of the waves clashing the reef with all their strength. Sea birds were bullets penetrating the water and reappearing with fish hanging from their mouths. Small blue penguins were also hunting now. The green sea covered the battle.

The gear James had supplied was loaded onto my small dingy as we set of to the shipwreck that was at least 15 metres below us. Mark slowly lowered the anchor as James and I guided the it to a suitable spot away from the wreck. The pitch-black water made it hard to see where we were going. Our flashlights were helpful getting down. When we were inside of the wreck oysters and coral covered it. Our bright flashlights scared off most of the fish. As we climbed inside of the hull, we turned of our lights to see another one heading towards us. To our surprise, it was mark who was fetching kina. Me and James turned on our lights and turned to see a creature closing in on us.

3.We scattered over to a small wall. The creature which was indeed a shark was only metres away. I could hear my heart pounding heavily as the shark’s nose was coming closer. By now I thought my heart would explode but it slowly began to calm down. When the shark lost interest, we turned around and found a deeper section that was barely visible as it was the cargo bay. The remaining cargo was covered by several feet of coral and kelp that was inhabited by colourful fish seeking refuge. As we entered the uneven cargo bay we tried to evade the sides as they were sharp and defended by the large crabs running along the edges looking for a meal. As my friends and I searched through the cargo bay we came across various types of strange creatures like sea slugs and octopus’s. the place was brimming with sea life. Until CRASH the way we came in had caved in on us and our oxygen tanks were running low and the small ray of light being emitted from our torches went out.

4. we could barely see a thing. Then I realized we all had to bring a spare flashlight. I searched through my bag to pull out a small flashlight and turned it on. The place looked different now. The cargo was everywhere and there was ripped pieces of coral and kelp. The floating shreds of weeds made it even more troubling to see as it was always getting in the way. We all split up looking for ways out of the ship. After a few minutes, we regrouped with nothing. But I then noticed something in the corner of my eye. It was our anchor that as getting looser every second we wasted because of the hammering waves above the surface. We all swam over to the anchor and climbed up it like a ladder. When I had pulled up the anchor we left with what we came to do and never forgot what happened that day. And I got quite angrily yelled at.

Jeffery Kinney

Jeff was born on the 19 February 1971. Jeff is an author who writes books for kids as well game designer, movie director, actor and producer for the diary of a wimpy kid series and movie series.

Jeff was born in fort Washington, Maryland U.S. Jeff attended the university in Maryland at College park; during collage Jeff had created a popular comic strip. He has an older brother and sister as well as a younger brother. On December 2003, he married Julie Kinney and later had two sons Will and Grant. His diary of a wimpy kid series has over 58 million copies worldwide. Jeff’s diary of a wimpy kid series includes over 11 books but Jeff has written 14 books in total. *you can’t expect everyone to have the same dedication as you*. Because of diary of a wimpy kid being such a good hit Jeff created a kid friendly website all about the series. His book series officially began in January 1998.

He works on writing books; his comic had been put into the campus newspaper. Every diary of a wimpy kid books are comedy and children novels. To fully understand the story line, I recommend reading all the books in order or just the previous book. Most of his books have popular movies based of the book itself and the storyline. He has won various awards as well as being nominated to win an award.

Jeff’s amazing imagination has helped him create the books he writes now and come up with creative storylines. When diary of a wimpy kid first appeared, Jeff felt like creating a series for kids looking for an interesting and funny series to make while having fun adding in different troubles and scenarios to make that little more interesting in a way it would hook the reader in and would want to make the reader read on.

While reading through the book I encountered many different funny and some strange situations that Jeff just added in some stuff to step away from all the serious life problems and turn them into funny things we all experience at some point of life. I really enjoyed reading his series and respected all the time he put into creating it. The one I was reading Diary of a wimpy kid Double down included a lot of twists and funny parts which I really enjoy out of a book. I recommend this book to ages 5 plus. This book includes good use of language features but it could have more description especially for the setting. But this a child’s book and I do respect that. I all so rate it 3.5/5 stars because of how creative the author was this book.

By dylan

Galileo Galilei’s life and career

During the dark ages science was lost until the Elizabethan era, during this period of time science and astronomy was the main focus for the many famous scientists. Sadly during this time many scientists were accused of using witchcraft, meaning for the scientists they lived shorter lives than others. Very few scientists were lucky to live past the age of 50.

Galileo was born in Italy but never made or found out about things in Italy. He was a well-known scientist, astronomer and engineer who helped invent and find various planets and moons as well as helping create various clocks and different artillery parts. He also developed meteorology. Galileo made numerous scientific inventions during his lifetime that weren’t criticised until his after his death or when he was very old.

When Galileo was born, he had six other siblings. Galileo was born died in Italy at the age of 77. During his life he travelled around the northern hemisphere, visiting places like Venice, England, Italy, American and different countries in Europe. During his stay in Venice he showed the doge of Venice how to use one of his first inventions the telescope. After his inventions, he was called the father of astronomy, physics, scientific method and science. He played a massive role in the scientific revolution.

Galileo had two daughters and one son. His eldest daughter was buried with him in a temple in Italy, because of how much respect she gave him. He gave up on inventing so he could spend more time with his family, after his wife died. Galileo was one of the youngest in his family so he was picked on quite a bit.

After his death, Galileo’s middle finger was amputated from his right hand and is now on display. Galileo died of a fever and heart palpitations. He also wrote books about his experiences after he retired from being a scientist. He is also famous for various quotes that have inspired many scientists.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galileo Galilei



1. Christmas day: the day a fresh smell filled the room.

2. A red colour floated to the surface with a strange smell, all of a sudden a large shark breached the surface shinning in the sunlight.

3. As the mist crawled away, my target waited. It was dead in my sights.

4. I sat still as the stingray slowly glided underneath my kayak.

5. The began to flicker.


Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

A jar of eel’s slime,

In the caldron boil and bake all in time;

Eye of a barn owl, leg of a large weta,

Wing of a kiwi, foot of a baby weka, --

For a charm of powerful trouble

like a hell-broth boil and bubble


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