Genetics By Amani and Keema

Gregor Mendel- “Father of Genetics”
  1. genetics is the study of traits begin passed down to offspring
  2. Alleles combination of two genes make up a whole allele
  3. Alleles combination of the mom and dad’s DNA


  1. A dominant gene gives the gene it's trait, making a recessive gene a gene that can be passed down, and maybe become a dominant trait, but does not give a person that certain trait.
  2. Punnett Square shows the genotypes and phenotypes
  3. Homozygous traits are represented by capital letters(BB) or (bb)and the same two letters and heterozygous traits are represented by the lower case letters and a upper case letter(Bb).
  4. Incomplete dominance is a blended phenotype

Homozygous and Heterozygous traits

  1. Codominance is when both colors wants to be express like in the example with the flower.
  2. Epigenome allows for traits in your DNA to be more understandable
  3. When crossing a homozygous and an incomplete dominant it is represented by (B’B)


  1. Sex chromosomes is the 23rd chromosomes and it determines whether you are male or female. The XX results in an female and an XY results in a male.
  2. Autosomes are the chromosomes that determine everything but gender. So it's one through 22.
  3. Carrier is an organism that has neither a disease or a disorder but both of them are just passed on.
  4. Sex-linked traits is traits that is only passed onto the X and Y chromosome

Sex-link Traits

  1. Males are more likely to express a sex-link trait because some of the genes are absent more than the X chromosomes. For the man to express a sex-link trait they have to have a recessive gene that is passed on to him from his mother or X chromosome.

Blood Typing

  1. This chart represents the blood types of the whole American population and the spaces between the letters are capital I’s and lower case i’s
  2. The Rhesus factor is the positive and the negative of each blood type
  3. Karyotype is the appearance of an organized chromosome in a person.
  4. Karyotypes are constructed based on the fetal DNA.

A Pedigree

  1. A pedigree is a chart that can track down the inheritance patterns through the generations of your family. In a pedigree chart a male would represent the squares and the circles would represent the women. People who possessed the trait has a filled in square or circle and people who do not possess the trait has a blank square or circle. For example let’s pretend that we are tracing people with brown hair, so the ones who has a filled in circle or square has brown hair.


Created with images by quapan - "Human gametes: ovum & spermatozoon. Approximately 50% of the floating sperms contain the y-chromosome (--> fertilization leads to a male ♂ child), the other 50% encompass the x-chromosome (--> conception pruduces a female ♀ child)"

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