5 New York (the Big apple never sleeps)

A New York video (2.07) !

New York: past and present ...

What is now Manhattan was at first "Manna Hatta" (= "the place with the 7 hills"). People lived on this part of America: the Algonquin Indians.

The Dutch came from the Nederlands and took Manhattan: they built "Niew Amsterdam" in 1624. It was a good place for commerce with the local Indians !

In 1664, the English arrived and took "Niew Amsterdam" from the Dutch. They changed the name to "New York"

Everything is big in New York !

Central Park: a great place for New Yorkers !

Sky scrapers are everywhere in Manhattan !

The most famous skyscraper in New York (but not the highest) is the Empire State Building. From the top, the view on New York is fantastic !

And of course, New York is always busy ( there are always people, day and night). And you can always see the yellow cabs ( = taxis) !

New York city has 5 boroughs: they are all very different !

Ellis Island.

  • It is one of the most important places to visit in New York.
  • Why ? Because between 1892 and 1954, Ellis Island was the immigration centre where all European immigrants went, before going to the USA.
  • More than 12 million people arrived from Europe to the USA by this island.
  • In Europe, there were wars, poverty, no jobs. European people wanted to go to the USA to have a better life than in Europe. In the USA, it was possible to become rich !
  • Ellis Island is now a museum. Many Americans come to visit the place where their grand-parents arrived from Europe ! On the "Wall of Honour", you can see the name of your grand-parents: they came to America for a better future !

The Statue of Liberty.

  • The Statue of liberty is on Liberty Island, in New York bay. The monument is very popular with tourists !
  • The Statue of Liberty was a symbol for European immigrants who came from Europe in the XIX century.
  • Everybody knows the story: France offered the Statue of Liberty to to the USA (in 1886) to thank the USA.
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