Plate Boundary Project By: Abigail acosta

Convergent Boundary

Convergent Boundaries are plates that move towards each other witch form mountains.There stress is compression.There features are Earthquakes,Volcanoes.They also cause tsunami's

This is how convergent plates move.
This is the result of a convergent boundary this was after a tsunami.

Divergent Boundaries

Divergent Boundaries are to plates that move away from each other.There stress is tension.Its features are Mid-Ocean Ridges,Volcanoes,Earthquakes.Its causes Earthquakes

These are divergent plates.
This is a result of divergent boundaries this is a volcano that is about to erupt.

Transform Boundaries

Transform Boundaries are two plates the slide right past each other.There features are earthquakes its stress is shear.A good example are San Andreas Fault

These are Transform Plates.
This is the result of transform form boundary this was after a earthquake.


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