Character collages Collin buelow


It was hard to figure out what would be the safest thing to do, for all three of us, all the time. But it was my job

I chose a symbol of protection because Matthew was the protector of his sisters from his mom and he had to look after them


As I write this, you are nine years old, too young to be told the full and true story of our family's past.

I chose the symbol innocence because Callie and Matthew hid what was happening and tried to let her grow up as normal as possible


She cut me that night. Just a little

Demons represent Nikki because she had a lot of demons and let out on the children


I was grateful to Murdoch, who kept in touch several times a day, even though he was having his own problems with Nikki

A rock represents Murdoch because he was always there for the kids and the kids could depend on him and they knew he cared for them

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