Warriors the Darkest Hour By Helen Bylenga

You are a flame in the night just like a lion, destined to save thunderclan, even though started as a house pet you are some of the strongest cat, cats have ever known, you tried to save half clan cats but someone came tigerstar killed them right in your face, A foe that you think is friend talks about blood clan, dangerous roughs in the alleys near human places, Since the foe Tigerstar does not like the hero he convinces the roughs to join them, then a place of peace for all cats stops when the roughs come in, leaders, warrior, apprentices, witnessed the death of a sin (Tigerstar), thunderclan started to attack so did the roughs, many cats died during the show, it was down to two cats scourge and the leader they battled and battled till the leader got weaker then starclan came to help the leader of thunderclan he defeated the cats and scourge there leader after all you were destined and to win a fight so Firestar that's why you were chosen.

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