walk two moons what will happen what does two moons mean?

a man came up to sal gram and gramps with a knife


Gram gets bit bit bye a snake(ponises)


Mom kissed a mapel tree

Ben and Phoebe made the same soul

the baby dies in the Mother tummy cuz her cord choked her baby they named her tulip

Sal and Phoebe go to the cops and tell them they got kidnapped

Sal and Phoebe go to the cops and phoebes dad comes and picks them up

Phoebe and Sal broke in to Mrs. Cadavers house for clues

its not night but it works

Sal finds out Mr. Birkway is Mrs. Cadavers twin (siblings)

Mr.Birkway reads from the journals and finds out Phoebe has been righting about his sister

journals *phoebe*

her and Sal go to viset Mike the lunitic

her and Sal sees Mrs Winterbottem kissing Mike

ben goes to see his mother in the psychiatric ward

Mike is Mrs Winterbottems son that she gave away

Mrs. Partridge is leaving a note: she was the one leaving the notes all along!

Sal and Phoebe realize that Mrs. Partridge has been leaving the notes all along, because she thinks they’re nice.

Mrs. Partridge knew that Mike was Phoebe’s brother because she touched his face.

Sal took her Grandparents’ car and drove towards Lewiston, Idaho.

She got to a very steep mountain road and learned there was a bus that fell off the edge and crashed into the woods and there was only one survivor.

Sal gets back to Couer D’Alene and finds out that her gramshas passed away.The sheriff lets her leave without saying anything to her gramps about the fact that he let Sal drive his car.

Sal moves back to Bybanks with her father and Gramps. She’s getting letters from Phoebe and love letters from Ben.

She is expecting a visit from Mrs. Cadaver, and Phoebe’s family and maybe Ben and Mr. Birkway.

this is the end of the book i hope you in enjoyed this good bye


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