Constance Theatre BY mary dickey

Photo by Mary Dickey
The Spatial Experience

As I entered the auditorium, I was feeling excited because I've never been to the Constans Theatre. I was in one of the first rows and I was right next to the stage. So, when some of the actors came out from backstage, they were right besides me. My seat location enhance my experience because I had a good view of it. When the lights dimmed down, I was feeling excited because until that point all I knew of the play was that it had a character named Sarah in it. The audience was small in size, which I think enhanced my experience because there wasn't any noise which usually accompanies a large crowd even when there is a no noise policy. I think the role of place in the Good Life is that places enhance the experience. For example, I don't think the play would have been that good if it was held outside.

Photo by Mary Dickey
The Social Experience

I attended this play with my friend Mariana, which enhanced my play experience because we got to talk about what happened in the play during intermission. To get ready for the performance, The Divine study guide that was in the pamphlet they gave us at the door. Attending with a friend, helped enhance my experience because we could discuss the play and what had happened. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life is having a mutual connection to another person and it allows you to have someone to reminisce with.

Photo by Mary Dickey
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue in this play was how people in power marginalize others. For example, the sweatshop owner used kids as labor with no regard for their safety. Also, how the priest took advantage of Michaud. Before this play, I knew what sweatshops were and what happened in them and what still happens in them. I was also aware of the scandals of the church. The performance changed my views because it helped me realize how important it is to stand up for what is right and not to be submissive to the injustices in the world. This subject matter is relevant to real life because there are still sweatshops in the world and there are many injustices that are occurring with this new administration.

By Mary Dickey
The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us and opportunity for katharsis because it allowed us to injustice and relate it to the injustices going on in the world now. For example, when we hear how the woman do not get paid enough, it brings up the minimum wage debate that we see. Also, it showed how important it was to regulate business so that workers are protected. This plays allows bring up how important it is to not be submissive, which Sarah said something in the play about how submission because habitation. It also showed how important the press was, which is more relevant than ever because people will now try to tell us what we seen with our own eyes didn't happen.

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