9 Things To Know About Being a Punk Rocker Jacob Gutherless

Punk Rock is much more than the sound, it is much more than the look, it is much more than you could ever imagine. These are the 8 most important things you should know about being a punk rocker...

Now I get it... You want to be like all of these guys...

NOFX (Melvin, El Hefe, Fat Mike, Smelly)
Rancid (Lars, Braden, Tim, Matt)
Misfits (Jerry, Dave. Danzig, Doyle)

Now you may ask, how do I become like these guys? You love the music, you see the shows, you sing along but there's much more to it than that. This is the 8 things you should know about being a punk rocker.

1. Never be satisfied with any less than you expect- You will experience defeat, you will be knocked down and especially as a punk rocker, not everyone will always accept you.

2. Be passionate and creative- Punk rock isn't anything like other types of music. You don't have to be an amazing musician, you don't have to be a genius with a pen, but if you and your band have the chemistry and the drive to speak your heart through song, others will join you.

3. Be loud for everyone to hear- Always be a nuisance. People despise of the punkers of the world, always up to no good. As everyone else, we are people and we have a lot of very good things to say, so be loud and let the world hear you regardless if they want to or not.

4. You don't always have to look the part, but if you do, it's pretty rad- Punk rock is much more than the image. Take the Descendents for example. Milo Aukerman, the lead singer is a nerdy biochemist who enjoys to study. Bill Stevenson, the drummer, is an all time lover of fishing. With all set aside, they seem to be what you'd imagine to be losers, but they are legends in the punk rock world.

5. Do NOT Like Blink-182- It's fine if you like this mainstream pop rock band, but if you do, you are NOT punk rock. It blows my mind seeing how many of these people are "punkers" and their favorite band is Blink. That is on the list of things that are not okay.

6. The more you break, the louder your voice- Be loud and be proud, you should know that destruction leaves a mark, and leaving your mark means that you will never be forgotten.

7. The crazier the show, the better the quality- A punk show should be crazy, violent, sweaty, and fun. You don't go to a punk rock show to wave your lighters in the sky and sing along to a beautiful song about girls, you go to fit in with the angrily awaiting crowd.

8. Nobody should recognize half of the cd's you own- You should be digging through a miscellaneous pile of cd's that nobody can recognize. You are a true punk rocker if you find the roots and behind the scenes beauty of punk rock.

9. Lastly, Pop Punk is NOT a real thing- Pop punk was created to make these pop rock bands seem punk. Pop punk is a contradictory statement, Pop being short for Popular and Punk being the anti-mainstream music. It is melodic and has punk roots... well, depending on the band, but the bottom line is that if you are a true punk rocker, you don't believe that Pop Punk exists.

Revolutionary melodic punk band, Descendents, who's lead singer has a PhD in Bio Chemistry
NOFX records. The band has been together since 1983
Never Forget Tony Sly, Who tragically left us in his sleep one night in July of 2012 at the age of 41.


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