My Goals Salina Williams


Specific: I want to earn enough scholarship money so I have to pay as little as possible for attending 4 years at UNM.

Measurable: I will apply to at least five scholarships a month, I have approximately eighteen pending applications at the moment.

Attainable: I have already received a $59,000 scholarship for four years. In order to pay off my scholarship completely, I have to get $88,000 worth of scholarship money.

Realistic: In order to attain my short term goal, I have to maintain or raise my current GPA to receive merit based scholarships, and continue to apply to scholarships which are offered, before the deadline.

Timely: I want to receive scholarship money up to $88,000 by July 1st, however I will continue to apply afterwards as well.


Specific: I want to major in business and production in order to become a producer/Disc Jockey. I'll get in all my credit hours, some hours are already taken care of because of my Dual Credit classes.

Measurable: For the first two years I will take my core classes and business, the remaining two years I will continue to major in business and add on production.

Attainable: I plan to graduate from college within four years, ending with a 3.0 Grade Point Average at the least.

Realistic: In order to succeed in my goal, I have to make sure to stay on track. That means getting tutoring hours with subjects I struggle with, learning time management, and sitting up front in class to be as interactive as possible.

Timely: I plan to graduate from college in year 2021

Become a Worldwide Known Disc Jockey

Specific: I will become a Worldwide known Disc Jockey by mastering production arts and making myself known on social media, and in public by hosting concerts or DJing at parties and events.

Measurable: During college I will have participated in internships so I will buildup multiple networks. Afterwards I should have enough production experience and networks to spread the word about me. I will also promote myself on social media and such. In order to get a great amount of publicity, it would take me about 5 years.

Attainable: I want to be known in at least 4 different countries: Europe, North America, Africa, and South America. Before doing so I will learn the languages, I know three so far.

Realistic: In order to gain true experience in production, I will not only take courses pertaining to my major, but additionally attend internships to get a real feel, and possible connections.

Timely: I want to have a strong enough network by my graduation year 2021, and actually start my own career in the following five years.

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