Spain la ciUDAD de amor

The Spanish flag was adopted in December 19,1978. The two horizontal red stripes and yellow stripes in the middle represent the original Spanish kingdoms and the words "Plus Ultra" mean "there is more which is beyond." Spain's government is a constitutional monarchy. They have a mixed economy and are home to 46.77 million people.
First in the 1500s spaniards used gold coins and issued until 1833.
Then after the gold coin came in the currency known as pesetas, that were used until 189 before the euro was introduced.
Machinery, chemicals, motor vehicles,and shipbuilding are all part of their exports and from they imports they receive semi-finished goods and medical supplies. They suffer high unemployment and high debts.
Passionate Flamenco

Flamenco has four components: Cante-voice, Baile-dance, Toque-guitar, and Jaleo-handclapping,foot stomping, and shouts of encouragement. It can be danced alone or with a partner for a romantic and passionate feel.

The language that they speak in Spain is "Spanish". Common phrases include, "ojo" which means "I'm watching you." or " Creerse la ultima coca-cola en el desierto" which is used to describe a conceited person.

Bull fighting is a common thing that occurs at the national "fiestas". The bull fights are called "corridos" which means "running of the bulls".
The matadores engage the bull in a literal dance with death, as any wrong movement from the matador could lead to their death instead of the bulls.

Gazpacho is a traditional tomato soup filled with cucumbers, chunks of tomato, and garlic. 

Churros are long fiddled dough, fried and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar.
Flan is a custard, caramelized treat that is rich and sweet.


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