My Future Stephen Strohmeyer

One Year

Swim: I want to make to state in an individual race. Because my brother and sister before me made it to state, (my brother getting two second places) I want to also make it there and hopefully medal in an event. I don't want care about making it in a relay because I've already done it and don't like that I have to rely on others, especially ones that don't care about winning.

Band: I want to make it into regional honor band because in high school bands, there are many kids that don't care about being any good in band, but in honor bands, you have to care as well as being skilled to get in. In honor band, I could learn from playing in a band where everybody is proficient at playing their instrument.

Tennis: Even though I just started this year, I don't like being the worst at anything which makes me strive to be the best. This being said, at high school level the highest you can get is on varsity. And I want to be on varsity because of skill, not grade level.

Scholarships: Because I want to go to University and they can be pretty expensive, I want to work hard now to get scholarships so that I won't have to work as hard during and after it to repay debt. I will also be able to focus more on the University if I don't have to work as much. My brother, for example, got paid to go to ERAU.

Three Years

Out- Of-State University: I want to go to a University so that I can get a degree in psychobiology. I want it to be out of state because I have only stayed in 4 states other than Arizona, the furthest being Kansas. Also, having lived in Arizona my entire life, I have never had a real winter or seen a snowfall.

Laptop: I want to own a personal laptop so that I can use it for school. I'd want it to be a laptop, not a desktop, so that I could carry it around and use it on the go.

Musician: I want to be a proficient musician so that I could possibly get a job playing an instrument. I would also want to do it because you have to audition to get into most universities and the better you are, the more likely you're going to get in.

Education: I want to be in the top percentage in the US because it will help me to get into a university. It's one of my goals because it plausible and possible if I continue to try hard and work to get good grades.

Five Years

Instruments: I want to own personal instruments because it's too much of a hassle to worry about school instruments and rented instruments. In five years, I'd like to have at least one saxophone and one trombone but in the end, I'll only stop collecting instruments when I can no longer play them. I'll mostly be happy with one of each saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone) and one of each trombone (tenor, trigger, and bass).

Band: I want to be in a band that doesn't have to do with school. This way I can earn some money playing at gigs and gain the knowledge of putting groups together. It would also be fun to meet other's who are passionate about playing their instrument. It was also be fun to play with my uncle, who has played the trumpet in multiple bands.

Instruments: I want to learn more instruments than just the trombone and saxophone. This is because if I did, I would be more of an asset to bands. It is also really enjoying to switch instruments and be able to correctly identify the timbre of multiple different instruments

Bands: I want to see multiple different big bands perform live because my favorite type of music is big band music. It would also benefit to see professional musicians play their instruments in a concert setting.

Ten Years

University: I want to Major in psychobiology. At first I wanted to major in neuroscience because it was the study of the brain. I later realized that what I wanted to do in neuroscience was more of psychology and later still I heard of psychobiology, which is the biology behind behavior and actions. Or as my dad put it, the reason why you're crazy.

University: I also want to study music. Not just instruments but composition and theory. Music has always been a big part of my life and with a major in psychobiology, I can see how music affects different people.

Living: I want my own house because I won't have to worry about a landowner and any rules against pets that you would get in apartments or renting a house.

Career: I want to be a psychobiologist because not only do I like studying emotions and actions, but I want to see why it is that they happen.

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