Pulaski, Wi My Local government

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Dogs: People want more than two dogs per house in town.

Fire Department: Want to approve payment requests.

Ambulance: Want to approve payment requests.

Meeting: Want to approve minutes for board meetings.

Bathrooms: People want new bathrooms at Memorial Park

The issue I selected is the dog issue. As of right now the local government says you are allowed three dogs per house, but they must be licensed. I agree with how they are handling this situation for the most part, because I think people should be able to have lots of dogs and three dogs is definitely better than one dog. I think that dogs are great pets to have as long as they are friendly. Therefore I think people in the Village of Pulaski should be able to have as many dogs as they want as long as the dogs are friendly, don't cause trouble, and are licensed.

Memorial Park
Pulaski Village Hall Address: 745 WI-32, Pulaski, WI 54162
Map of Pulaski

Things to do in the Village of Pulaski: Go to the Pulaski Museum, go to Polka Days, visit Smurawas Bakery, visit Plants of Distinction, and go to the Pulaski Library.

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